Review: Lore

31 October 2012

Lore is unlike any war film you’ve ever seen before. This German-Australian co-production focuses its attention on the children of a Nazi SS officer and their struggle to adapt to post-war life in the wake of what their parents have done.

After her father is arrested and her mother surrenders, young teenager Lore (played by newcomer Saskia Rosendahl) is left to look after her four younger siblings as they embark on a dangerous journey to find shelter with their grandmother in Hamburg.

The ensuing story is a strange sort of coming of age for Lore, as she takes on the role of protector, begins to uncover the truth about Hitler’s regime, and struggles to comprehend what has become of her country. Ultimately, she finds her inbuilt prejudices and beliefs challenged as she meets an unlikely ally in Jewish refugee Thomas (Kai Malina), and they strike up an unexpected but endearing relationship.

Exploring a different side of the atrocities of World War II, Cate Shortland’s film is well-written, beautifully shot and presents a powerful message about the ambiguity of evil.

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