Welcome, Bambi

19 July 2016

Wunambi Connor was appointed as the new Indigenous Officer for the University of Melbourne Student Union (UMSU) last month. Farrago spoke with Wunambi to find out some random facts about him, what he’s been doing so far in the Indigenous Office and what he hopes to achieve over his term.

Why is the Indigenous Department important?

First and foremost, the Indigenous Department ensures that the voices of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students are not overlooked on issues that affect us. In what is historically a White institution, it is important that we recognise what issues are at play in a western education structure and that we look towards shaping effective change to create a safe space for Indigenous students.

What do you hope to achieve as Indigenous Officer?

Mostly I hope that I can create more opportunities for Indigenous students to develop their skills and pursue their ambitions while at university so that we may each become leaders within our communities. I also hope to increase the involvement of the Indigenous Collective within UMSU, in particular through the Indigenous Department; whether this be through writing articles about what affects them for Under Bunjil, playing on the sporting field at the Indigenous University Games or using grants to produce some of the amazing artwork that I have seen so far in my time at uni.

You’ve been an Indigenous Officer for a few weeks now. What’s been your favourite part and why?

While planning the social calendar for second semester has been pretty fun, I have to say continuing my work with organising the Unimelb team for the Indigenous University Games was very exciting. Having just returned from Brisbane with some mighty achievements and a bit of a tan I am very happy having witnessed our team’s efforts #unimelbwasrobbedofthetrophy #2017isours

What would be your superpower and would you use it for good or evil?

Telekinesis for sure. And I’d like to think that I would use my superpower for good, though the use of my superpower would probably turn into something out of Robin Hood, so does that make me good or evil?

And finally, what is your favourite emoji?

The hand making the okay sign – though not sure what’s up with the Facebook messenger app and changing the emoji style.


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