Interview: The Travelling Sisters

14 April 2018

The Travelling Sisters have a determination, tenacity and evocative joy that is taking them to incredible places at this year’s Melbourne International Comedy Festival.

Having met at University, they assure me there was no Pete Best/Ringo Starr situation present during their early days.

“No, nobody wanted to join us. You know Margo Robbie? Yeah, she didn’t want to joing.”

The three enter the studio, and the energy immediately shifts to one of mirth. Their palpable chemistry formed through close knit living conditions and never leaving each other’s side while on stage.

“In Edinburgh, we all slept in the same bed,” Ells laughs.

Ell Sachs, Laura Trennery, and Lucy Fox have come off the back of performing on ABC’s Comedy Up Late and they’re still buzzing.

“It was amazing, everyone warmed to us,” Laura says with glazed eyes.

They tell me about the problem they’ve been having with breast-prop. It seems to be a perpetual blockade along their road to success.

“That fucking Boob has brought so much havoc,” they nearly say unison.

The Travelling Sisters have a form of sketch comedy which is accessible by all, and after storming it in the UK they will only continue to grow.

“Etihad stadium next year would be nice,” Lucy smiles.

Their next frontier?

‘We would love to do a spoof of the typical straight-white male comedian,” Laura says gleefully.

“Hey. This is my penis,” Ell says.

“Fade to black,” Lucy adds for the homerun.

The Travelling Sisters are a must see at this year’s Melbourne International Comedy for anybody who wants to see ecstatic comedy chemistry play out on stage.

You can buy tickets to The Travelling Sisters at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival website.

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