6 August 2019

can’t see the sky in this rave dungeon

we got in for the big harold DJ set and he was (as usual)

playing far out shit, felt like we were in blade runner

especially when a half naked woman inside a plastic bag with flashing

lights started dancing on a platform


what did you get up to last night?

i drank a bottle of jacob’s creek and went to sleep

matched with my ex on tinder

didn’t see that one coming

sorry ur back in emotional turbulence shit city,


im on hold at Centrelink probs about to get indicted with tax fraud


did you know Paris Hilton was

the first 20th century existential philosopher? her manifesto,

‘The Stars are Blind’ broke new territory upon its release

people who aren’t forced to confront cultural forces think that they transcend them

The Thing is,

most art is just bitching about your parents

…….. or your exes!


there is a new underground train station that is being built in the city

and there are all these tiny little mice scuttling around the state library 

bc they’ve been displaced

and i keep having those boring conversations,

with lit bros, who are always banging on about classics

but guess what? you don’t even need to have read them

just go look at the wikipedia page!


i’m a crumpled up piece of paper, lying here

Taylor Swift was talking about a breakup when she wrote that

and i feel it too……….

im crawling under my bed to find the croissant i didn’t eat yesterday

god, living is so morbidly embarrassing!

baby, just take care of yourself

i’m trying


would you rather, when you sweat, you sweat honey,

or you can only speak and write latin?

i want to be dripping in gold honey

sticky, delicious, sweeter than sugar

but the vatican does have a certain allure to it


found some more of your stuff

flower crop top, passport photos, some socks, other things

i want to apologise again for the last few times i’ve unloaded onto you,

wish i could go back and not do that

the thing is, i love you

but not in the way you want me to


did you know that santa was a necromancer
saint nicholas ate pies filled with children who died from the famine

I think it’s inherited from a young age

…….. To be cruel……..

Will you still remember i exist in April?

how did writing your poetry assessment go

i wrote a really good statement of intention,

almost convinced myself that i had actually meant those things when i was starting out

haha wbu?

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