University of Melbourne reopens campus through their ‘three-mode delivery’ system

After almost an entire year of remote learning, the University of Melbourne will be reopening to students in January 2021 through a three-mode delivery system for the First Half Year of 2021. This system includes online classes, campus-based classes, and dual-delivery where classes are taught both online and in-person. All students may enrol in dual-delivery […]

5 March 2021
International students call on Victorian Government to improve support

International students experiencing financial hardship and food insecurity have called on the Victorian Government to improve support measures. The state government established a $45 million International Student Emergency Relief Fund in April 2020 to support students whose finances have been hit by reduced working hours or job losses.  However, the fund ignored unemployed international students, […]

5 March 2021
When You Return to Campus…

It’s been a while since many of us have been on campus. For some of you, you’ve only caught a glimpse or two of university life. Farrago thought a small guide to returning to campus could be useful (there are some things you pick up after six years of tertiary education!) A Cold One Queensberry […]

5 March 2021
Snap Rally on Campus to Condemn Transphobia at the University

cw/ transphobia   Over 100 students and staff gathered at Parkville campus yesterday to protest against transphobic actions of University staff members.   The protesters gathered outside the Raymond Priestley building to listen to speeches by members of the University community before marching to Old Arts to speak to Faculty of Arts Dean Russell Goulbourne, […]

4 March 2021
The Silent Treatment

As the Southbank campus meekly re-opens its doors this year, already I have already been hearing from students that the lack of communication from our campus leaders has hindered their ability to plan for the year ahead.  The  shutdown of the entire university and the technical and psychological road bumps encountered by our staff must […]

9 February 2021