One Year After Border Closure: International Students Campaign for Justice

The federal government and the University of Melbourne have given little hope to international students stuck overseas despite a successful online campaign calling for action. On March 3, #justiceon5march was trending on Twitter in India and Pakistan, two major international student markets for Australia. The hashtag storm was started by Voice of International Students Australia […]

19 April 2021
OPINION | ‘Digging, a deep dark trench’: students left unsupported in wake of COVID-19

There is a truism, first circulated in public space by artist Jenny Holzer in 1977, “abuse of power comes as no surprise”. This is the exact reason that the University of Melbourne has an independent student advocacy service—to provide students with a source of procedural fairness when they face the inequalities that often plague this […]

15 April 2021
“Stop lying to staff and students”: Students and staff rally against job and course cuts

Students and staff gathered outside the Raymond Priestley Building on 25 March to demand an end to the University’s recent staff and course cuts, and call for an improved, more equitable and accessible education. The rally was organised by University of Melbourne Student Union (UMSU) Education Public Officers Hannah Krasovec and Tejas Gandhi, in collaboration […]

31 March 2021
Concerns Arise as COVID-19 Supplement End-Date Looms

As financial supplements introduced by the government during COVID-19 are set to end on March 28, there is rising discussion over the potentially adverse impacts that this may have on tertiary students across Australia.  Whilst some students have been able to access such financial support, others have been excluded from receiving government welfare payments throughout […]

26 March 2021
“Zero Tolerance for Sexual Assault”: Students and Staff Demand Condemnation of Professor Alan Lopez

content warning: sexual harassment and sexual assault, in no explicit detail Despite wet and windy conditions, protesters gathered outside MacFarland Court this afternoon to call for the University to publicly condemn Professor Alan Lopez. Earlier this month, an article published by The Age revealed that the University had allowed Professor Lopez to retain his roles […]

24 March 2021
“Enough is enough”: thousands rally at Treasury Gardens for Melbourne’s March 4 Justice

[content warning: gendered violence, sexual assault and deaths in custody] Thousands of women gathered in Treasury Gardens on a Monday 15 March to protest against gendered violence and sexual assault in the workplace. The rally was one of approximately forty similar events held across the country hosted by the March 4 Justice movement, a grassroots […]

18 March 2021
Students Rally in Support of Myanmar Protests

[content warning: violence]   Students rallied in front of the State Library last Sunday in support of ongoing protests in Myanmar against the country’s recent military coup. Speakers at the rally included students, as well as Peter Khalil MP and Christopher Lamb, who is president of the Australian Myanmar Institute. The event was organised by […]

18 March 2021
Thousands Gather Outside State Library to Demand End to Refugee Detention

Thousands gathered outside the State Library on Friday 5 March as a part of a national day of protest against the indefinite detention of refugees in Australia. Hosted by several community organisations, including the Refugee Action Collective (RAC) and Stand Together for Justice, the rally called for all refugees in onshore and offshore detention facilities […]

8 March 2021
University of Melbourne reopens campus through their ‘three-mode delivery’ system

After almost an entire year of remote learning, the University of Melbourne will be reopening to students in January 2021 through a three-mode delivery system for the First Half Year of 2021. This system includes online classes, campus-based classes, and dual-delivery where classes are taught both online and in-person. All students may enrol in dual-delivery […]

5 March 2021
Snap Rally on Campus to Condemn Transphobia at the University

cw/ transphobia   Over 100 students and staff gathered at Parkville campus yesterday to protest against transphobic actions of University staff members.   The protesters gathered outside the Raymond Priestley building to listen to speeches by members of the University community before marching to Old Arts to speak to Faculty of Arts Dean Russell Goulbourne, […]

4 March 2021
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