University Speaks Out On $2.1 Billion Higher Education Cuts

The University of Melbourne has broken its silence on the cuts to higher education in the government’s Mid-Year Economic and Fiscal Outlook (MYEFO). The changes, which will see $2.1 billion cut from Australian universities and cap enrolment numbers, could affect students’ tuition fees and postgraduate plans. “The University of Melbourne is disappointed that the federal […]

12 January 2018
Conor Takes NatCon: An Op-Ed

Last week I attended the National Union of Students’ (NUS) national conference and BOY, was it an intense week to say the absolute least. If you’ve heard anything about NatCon, you’ve probably heard that it lacks efficiency and transparency, or that the conference is pointless and achieves nothing. You’ve probably also been told to only […]

23 December 2017
Liquor License Regulation Changes to Affect Orientation Camps

The University Of Melbourne Student Union (UMSU) clubs and societies department has proposed new liquor licensing regulations, changing the ways alcohol can be consumed on club camps. It is now a requirement that all clubs running a camp must hold a liquor license, meaning that campers will no longer be allowed to bring their own […]

20 December 2017
NatCon: A Post-Mortem

Now that the National Union of Students’ (NUS) national conference (NatCon) has come to a close, we’re here to bring you up-to-speed with some interesting (and easily digestible) facts from the conference. The above graph shows you a timeline of NatCon— the amount of policy that passed, with notes attached to let you know when […]

19 December 2017
UMSU Budget Council Liveblog

18 December 2017
#NUSNatCon: A Summary

NatCon was cut short this year—but it was nonetheless a long three days of heated policy debate, waiting to reach quorum and factional sledging. NatCon has a reputation for being a messy event, and it certainly didn’t let us down. Check out our liveblog if you’re a true stupol hack and want to catch up […]

17 December 2017
NUS Natcon Liveblog

Follow our live updates of #nusnatcon here!

12 December 2017
NatCon Glossary

N·U·S (ɛn juː ɛs) n. 1. The National Union of Students. The peak representative body of undergraduate students in Australia and the organisers of NatCon. 2. A good time. Nat·Con (nat kɒn) n. 1. The word generally used to refer to the National Union of Students’ national conference. Policy is debated, roles are elected, and a […]

11 December 2017
NatCon by the Numbers

NUS NatCon starts tomorrow, so we made some data visualisations! If you’re not a stupol hack, the information below may be a little confusing—check out our NatCon explainer first. Votes breakdown: by university This graph ranks each university by the number of votes they’ll have at NatCon. Hover your mouse over (or tap) the bars for […]

10 December 2017
NUS NatCon Coverage

Welcome to Farrago’s coverage of the National Union of Students’ (NUS) 2018 national conference. Check out our articles below. You can follow the action from Monday to Thursday on our Twitter, but our liveblog will have the most comprehensive coverage. Our NatCon team consists of Ashleigh Barraclough, Conor Day, Mary Ntalianis, Jesse Paris-Jourdan and Ed […]

8 December 2017
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