Tastings, the biennial showcase of original works by University of Melbourne students, will be held 22–25 August in the Guild Theatre. With over a decade of history, Tastings is developed and run by the University of Melbourne Student Union’s (UMSU) creative arts department.

14 August 2018
University Square Being Redeveloped

University Square, the prominent garden and thoroughfare, located between Grattan Street and the Law School, is currently in the process of being redeveloped in an association between the University, the City of Melbourne, and the Victorian Government.

14 August 2018
Edition Six Editorial

One of the main reasons the media exists, and Farrago exists, is the hope that our writing might change things for the better.

14 August 2018
New VCA Campus Coordinator

Since early July, Lily Ekins has worked as the new University of Melbourne Student Union VCA campus coordinator. Farrago talked to her about her plans for the new semester, as well as updates on the Southbank campus after the restructure of the Faculty of Fine Arts and Music.

14 August 2018
University of Melbourne Students Go To The Games

The University of Melbourne is well known for its academic credentials, but fewer people are aware of the athletic prowess it boasts. Earlier this year, University of Melbourne students and alumni won one gold, two silver and one bronze at the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games.

14 August 2018
The End Of History?

History is more than just the study of great men, great ideas and great events. Race, gender and class are not reductive categories in the study of history, and many of those crucial events they laud the study of cannot be properly understood without these lenses.

14 August 2018
Candidates for UMSU Elections Announced

The presidential candidates from major factions, More! and Stand Up!, are Callum Simpson and Molly Willmott, respectively.

11 August 2018
The Students Have Their Say: Results of the Safety on Campus Survey

Content warning: sexual violence, racist attacks, murder

10 August 2018
Fodder Feature: Radio Fodder Station Managers

When I first applied to host a show on Radio Fodder in 2016, the station had only been around for a year or so. At this stage, it was run by the media officers with the help of some dedicated volunteers. Being split between a bunch of different obligations, the Farrago editors didn’t always have the time to help us out. Realising this, this year’s editors created positions for two station managers to help nurture Radio Fodder and its roster of talent.

9 August 2018
Fodder Feature: A Few of My Favourite Things

I first met Jen Balcomb doing German in first year. German 5 was a bit of a train wreck, but what I loved most about the class was that I made so many friends out of it. We were all like newly born deer stumbling around UniMelb, struggling to find our feet after we bust out from the placenta that is high school. Our cohort quickly bonded over not knowing what the hell was going on. There’s something about late classes, old German literature and a very scary tutor that really fosters new friendships.

8 August 2018
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