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Liberal senator has sights set on cutting SSAF

Queensland Liberal Senator James McGrath has announced plans to introduce a private member’s bill to abolish student service and amenities fees (SSAF) when parliament reconvenes in February.

9 January 2019
NatCon 2018: Day Two Wrap-Up

Whew! We had three full sessions yesterday. Lots was discussed and, like day one, lots of yelling ensued. Discussion included NUS’s role in the 2019 federal election, freedom of speech on campuses, and lunch.

12 December 2018
Former UMSU President Desiree Cai elected as NUS President

Former University of Melbourne Student Union (UMSU) President Desiree Cai has been elected President of the National Union of Students (NUS) on the second day of the annual National Conference (NatCon). 

11 December 2018
NatCon 2018: Day One Wrap-Up

First day is under the belt! After a very long drive up to Ballarat, a quick lunch and a whole lot of waiting around, sessions came and went (prematurely or not) and day one was wrapped up by 10pm, hacks and reporters alike waiting for tomorrow with bated breath.

11 December 2018
So what’s this “NatCon”?

NatCon is the annual national conference of the National Union of Students (NUS). This week, the student politicians will descend like locusts on the Mt Helen campus of Federation University, 10km outside Ballarat.

10 December 2018
2018 NatCon Liveblog

Follow our live updates of #nusnatcon18 here!

10 December 2018
Election Night: Janet Rice Interview

Joseph Paglia and Luke Rotella interviewed founding Greens member Senator Janet Rice at the Greens’ election night party in Docklands about the party’s campaign in the 2018 state election.

25 November 2018
Drug Reform Activist Running for Richmond

Ryan is running in the state election for the district of Richmond. She doesn’t expect to win but she’s put herself forward on principle. She can’t let those who would threaten the existence of Victoria’s safe injecting rooms, which she was central in introducing, run uncontested.

24 November 2018
Voting Above The Line Versus Below The Line: An Explainer

If you vote below the line, you have to number at least five boxes, but your vote will be exhausted once you finish numbering the boxes. This means that you know exactly who you are voting for.

22 November 2018
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