VCA Performance Accused of “Reverse Racism”

“Many people have found it confronting—in good and bad ways. Some have disengaged or even walked out. My response to those people is that I think they need to ask themselves why they couldn’t listen to the reality of this nation’s present and historical burdens.”

16 June 2018
Campus News Briefing: Stupol, Shaw Davey and a Data Breach

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13 June 2018
Letter to the Editor: Hamas and the Israel–Palestine Conflict

Lately there have been lots of articles related to the Israeli occupation of Palestine, and in many of them Hamas is painted in a rather unflattering light. These articles often inaccurately label Hamas as a militant group bent on the destruction of Israel, then try to use this as justification for Israel’s violence.

8 June 2018
Shaw Davey Slum Shafts Students

Since 2014, The Shaw Davey Slum has offered several deals aimed specifically at students: $5 pizzas, $1 pots and $12 for a chicken parmigiana with chips being among the most scandalising. These specials attained an almost folklorist quality among students. However, January 2018 saw the promise of $5 pizza suddenly and discretely erased from the menu.

31 May 2018
Tribunal Rejects Appeal of GSA Election Results

The Graduate Student Association (GSA) electoral tribunal has rejected an appeal from candidates of Better GSA about the recent elections, which made allegations against GSA staff, the returning officer and members of rival ticket Renew GSA.

30 May 2018
Fodder Feature: Moon Tunes

Some of you will know me as a co-host of Snappy Hour on Radio Fodder. But semester two last year saw me try my hand at producing another show.

28 May 2018
Campus News Briefing: NUS, Doctor’s Certificates And The Melbourne Model

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25 May 2018
UMSU Issues Recommendations to UniMelb Respect Taskforce

The University of Melbourne Student Union’s (UMSU) women’s department has issued 12 recommendations addressing the prevention of sexual assault and sexual harassment on campus.

21 May 2018
Fake Doctors’ Certificates

Several students have recently been expelled due to the provision of fake doctors’ certificates, according to the University of Melbourne Student Union (UMSU) advocacy and legal department.

21 May 2018
Commitment Isn’t Convenient

In today’s capitalist society, the dollar is the most influential tool at one’s disposal, and the University would rather use it to benefit financially from climate change than contribute to proper efforts to mitigate it.

21 May 2018
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