UMSU International Extends Nomination Deadline for Election

UMSU International has extended the deadline for nominations for its annual general election to increase competition after multiple positions were uncontested or under-contested.

19 April 2018
Staff Industry Action Looms As NTEU Negotiations Stall

Staff at the University of Melbourne have begun the process of commencing industrial action, due to slow-moving negotiations regarding conditions of work with the University.

17 April 2018
Students Take a Radical Look at Education

It aims to educate University of Melbourne students about radical ideas, and prompt them to think about their degrees in new ways. It hopes to challenge the growing corporatisation of Australian universities and universities around the world, and to create a critical dialogue about the capitalist systems that make this happen and how they affect students something which is not covered in general curriculums.

13 April 2018
Open Letter: The Government Has Blocked All Student Media From Accessing The Budget Lock-Up

That’s why we are signing this open letter: after a year of sustained attempts to change higher education policy, we at least deserve the respect to be able to examine the government’s policy suggestions.

11 April 2018
Fishermans Bend: A Fishy Deal or an OTP with BAE?

On 19 February, a memorandum of understanding was signed by the University of Melbourne and defence manufacturing company BAE Systems Australia to conditionally collaborate in Fishermans Bend. The agreement has raised questions over whether the University should be investing in the defence industry. If BAE Systems is selected to supply the Australian Army with AMV35 […]

10 April 2018
Campus News Briefing: Burnley, KPIs and a Buried Bill

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9 April 2018
An Interview with UHT’s Production and Venue Manager, Khat Kerr

I am responsible for supervising and overseeing the Union Theatre and the Guild Theatre spaces and for many other tasks and activities including the scheduling of all student theatre group productions, UHT presented productions and liaising with all external hirers.

9 April 2018
Burnley Students Critical of Proposed Library Cuts

The University library is planning on cutting working hours for Burnley library staff, drawing backlash from the Burnley Student Association (BSA).

8 April 2018
Sustainable Investment Framework Reveals Fossil Fuel Divestment Not on University Agenda

The University of Melbourne released its Sustainable Investment Framework (SIF) on 28 March, outlining the University’s approach to sustainability in its investment portfolios and processes. The SIF established that the University will not be be adopting a ‘strict exclusion approach’ from investing in the fossil fuel industry, citing concerns around ‘financial strength’.

5 April 2018
Adibah Amani Nasarudin - Off Beet
Fodder Feature: Off Beet

When I asked presenters Ashleigh Hastings and Carolyn Huane how they would explain the premise of Off Beet to virgins of their show, they offered “local bands, banter and hopefully enjoyable music” as a tagline.

2 April 2018
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