“Be My Stacks”: GSA Vice-President and Shorten Electorate Staffer Offers Students Free Beer to Ram Through SGM Vote

Jacob Rodrigo, the vice-president of the Graduate Student Association (GSA) and an electorate officer in Bill Shorten’s office, has offered graduate students free beer in exchange for helping push though controversial changes to the GSA’s constitution.

20 March 2018
Revolutionary or Redundant? Farrago Then and Now

Student media has a proud history of refusing to accept the status quo, and we remain vital in our efforts to refute the political narrative.

19 March 2018
UMSU Environment Office Bearer Report

We fucked up. Edition two of Farrago contained the University of Melbourne Student Union (UMSU) environment department’s office bearer report from edition one. We love them and we’re sorry for this. Here’s the correct version.

15 March 2018
Profile: Alex Bhathal

“Last year I was involved in Dungeons and Dragons, the French Club, German Club. But I stopped turning up to their functions when I joined the ALP club. I met a group of people there who I thought were more interesting and different. It’s all consuming really: at about that time I stopped seeing my old school friends.”

13 March 2018
Graduate Student Association Proposes Major Governance Reforms

The Graduate Student Association (GSA) has unveiled plans to introduce a professional board of directors in sweeping changes to the governance and management of the organisation.

8 March 2018
The Pub Crawl Problem

Now a steady staple of orientation week, pub crawls organised by large student societies routinely draw large numbers of first-year students. Almost a University ritual, these events see students roaming from pub to pub, always dressed up and enthusiastic. The problem with these proceedings, however, is that they contradict regulations laid out by the University […]

4 March 2018
Budget Breakdown

The University of Melbourne Student Union (UMSU) passed its 2018 budget on 18 December 2017, bringing with it a raft of funding increases to the student representative departments. Funded by the Student Services and Amenities Fee (SSAF), an annual fee of nearly $300, UMSU is an institution intended to provide a range of services to […]

14 February 2018
Problem Provost

Concerns have been raised over the appointment of Mark Considine as the University’s provost, due to his history of downsizing and cutting funding from the Faculty of Arts during his term as dean. A former office bearer for the University of Melbourne Student Union (UMSU) said, “Mark Considine once said to me that the University […]

14 February 2018
Student Bar to Officially Open as ‘The Ida’

The student bar in Union House will officially open in orientation week as ‘The Ida’, in homage to the University’s first women’s room.

30 January 2018
Conor Takes NatCon: An Op-Ed

Last week I attended the National Union of Students’ (NUS) national conference and BOY, was it an intense week to say the absolute least. If you’ve heard anything about NatCon, you’ve probably heard that it lacks efficiency and transparency, or that the conference is pointless and achieves nothing. You’ve probably also been told to only […]

23 December 2017
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