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The Night Market

From a student-run Haunted House to camel rides, UMSU International’s annual Night Markets attracts a popular following with students with well over 7000 attending every year. The 2017 Night Market saw 19 clubs and societies prepare stalls that offered food, games and drawing as well as performances from dance ensembles to dynamic duo teams. The […]

Working it out

A National Union of Students (NUS) working group has been established to look into the relationship between the NUS and the University of Melbourne Student Union (UMSU).

A national day of factions

On the effectiveness of a national day of student protests.

Overworked and underpaid

The exploitation of student workers could be rife in Union House.


The University of Melbourne’s Richard Berry building has been renamed to the Peter Hall building in an effort to create a more inclusive campus environment.

Timetabling Drama

Could auto-timetabling be in UniMelb’s future?

Students booted out of introductory economics subject

228 students have been withdrawn from Introductory Microeconomics after the recently implemented enrolment quota was exceeded.