The University of Melbourne’s Richard Berry building has been renamed to the Peter Hall building in an effort to create a more inclusive campus environment.

22 March 2017
Timetabling Drama

Could auto-timetabling be in UniMelb’s future?

20 March 2017
Students booted out of introductory economics subject

228 students have been withdrawn from Introductory Microeconomics after the recently implemented enrolment quota was exceeded.

9 March 2017
Sneaky Fees

Students will be welcomed into 2017 with increases to graduation, child care and student card replacement fees.

2 March 2017
Skeleton Crew

Students will be returning to university in 2017 with less academic and career services available following significant staffing restructures.

27 February 2017
Student Groans

The Grattan Institute has released a report recommending that all students be charged a universal 15 per cent loan fee when borrowing from the Higher Education Loan Program.

Stop Right Now

Students interacting with stop one are in need of a ‘human touch’.

Locking out Lockheed Martin

Protesters camp outside Carlton Connect to make a bold statement against the University’s partnership with arms manufacturer, Lockheed Martin.

23 February 2017
Staff Chaperone Orientation Camps

Welfare Advisers will monitor O Camps this year.

22 February 2017
Indigenous student silenced at NatCon

An Indigenous Student was prevented from speaking during discussion on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander (ATSI) policy at National Conference (NatCon) this week.

16 December 2016
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