University Proposes New Wave of Staff Cuts

Staff in academic and professional departments have been notified of another wave of cuts at the University of Melbourne.

24 November 2016
Something Wicked This Way Comes

Chelsea Cucinotta on a modernised Scottish play.

4 October 2016
The Dax Centre

The Dax Center destigmatises the experiences of the mentally ill and promotes positive mental health and wellness for us all.

18 April 2016
The Melbourne Playback Theatre Company knows how to work its magic

“What happens when an expert panel and an interested audience talk about climate change – especially when there’s a bunch of improvising actors and musicians listening in?”. That was the tagline of an out of the ordinary event that was held at the Union Theatre on August 14; its name was “Our Climate – Personal […]

5 September 2015
Book ‘Em Danno

How many of you know that the Baillieu has a Second Folio? Or a page from the Gutenberg Bible?

19 August 2015
UHT’s New Artistic Director

Petra Kalive may be new, but she already has an eye on the future. Coming into the role of Artistic Director of Union House Theatre at the beginning of a particularly turbulent time for the student union theatre, Kalive has a lot on her plate. The relocation of Union House is on everyone’s minds, and […]

19 June 2015
George Paton Gallery: A View

In 2015, the George Paton Gallery is brimming with exhibitions and events showcasing a wide variety of talented students across facilities and campuses. This semester the gallery is pulling back on its inter-departmental exhibitions program to focus on student exhibitions. VCA Proud Prize winner Spencer Lai will be exhibiting after Easter with his piece Youth, […]

Dead White Men: The Problem with Student Theatre

The UMSU theatre department’s approach to programming theatre is great. Union House Theatre works tirelessly to realise works entirely initiated by students. It is one of the only organisations in student theatre nationwide to do this. We are really, really lucky. But this semester, one of the biggest pitfalls of this system has become evident. […]

Grand (Rehearsal) Designs Australia

It’s the start of semester, which means the beginning of the student theatre season, and the beginning of rehearsals! There are an exciting few months ahead for Union House Theatre, with double digit shows playing, and MUDfest, Australia’s largest student arts festival in planning for August. If you’re feeling keen to get involved in (pretty […]

28 March 2015
New Pt Nepean Campus, VCA Gallery

The University of Melbourne is set to spend a total of $28 million into two planned off-campus developments, beginning this year. The first will be a $26 million contemporary art gallery at the Victorian College of the Arts (VCA), funded by property developer Michael Buxton to house his personal collection. The second will be a […]

23 March 2015
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