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Burnt out

“These students will be discriminated against because of their circumstances.”

Myers named as new University Chancellor

Prominent businessman and University of Melbourne fundraising campaign chair Allan Myers will be the university’s new Chancellor

University Proposes New Wave of Staff Cuts

Staff in academic and professional departments have been notified of another wave of cuts at the University of Melbourne.

The Deceit Behind Cram Schools

With the red pen crossing out the previous marks, grades were changed and fails became passes.

Hasta La Visa

Paloma Herrera and the golden ticket.

College Dropout

At the University of Melbourne, 7.5 per cent of all first-year students leave their courses.

Explosive Innovation

Sheri Lohardjo explores the latest partnership between the University and a military defence company.


Study Tricks

Spot the Difference

The Dax Centre

Students Strike Against Cuts

Glyn Davis chats to Farrago

New UMSU President