Jumping Hurdles

With exams looming, students are concerned about whether changes to the Bachelor of Commerce (BCom) will impact their marks.

22 September 2017
I’d FAP To That

How the FlexAp recommendations will impact you

23 August 2017
Chancellor Cheat Sheet

The Chancellor: The Council, Philanthropy and HECS

13 July 2017
Access Denied

The University of Melbourne Student Union’s (UMSU)Education (Academic) Department is lobbying the University for a fairer lecture recording policy.

7 June 2017
BS at the MBS?

Students from the Master of Management (Marketing) at the Melbourne Business School (MBS) are questioning whether their course is worth the cost.

Swept Away

Students at the University of Melbourne’s Burnley campus are outraged over the cancellation of the Associate Degree in Urban Horticulture (ADUH), a degree offered solely at Burnley, from 2018.

Cadmus, Again

Cadmus, a Google Docs style software designed to target plagiarism, is undergoing further trials at the University of Melbourne this semester.

15 May 2017
Below The Line

Students from a number of Masters degrees at the University of Melbourne are ineligible for financial support through Centrelink, adding to the financial distress faced by many university students.

Op-Ed: By university standards, the coalition gets a fail grade

Students like myself are taught to keenly detect bullshit.

5 May 2017
Burnt out

“These students will be discriminated against because of their circumstances.”

30 March 2017
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