Paid In Experience

There’s a difference between genuinely learning in a work environment and simply doing outsourced grunt work for a company’s private benefit.

3 September 2016
Failing Grade

ANU will be the first Australian university to assess students’ applications with criteria other than solely ATAR results.

29 August 2016
Beer Not Books (or, the Unco-operative Bookshop)

A Farrago report reveals the lie behind the name.

Not Gr8 M8: Go8

Mary Ntalianis on flagging support for flagships.

Arts Vs The World

Eleanor McCooey in support of the worth of Arts degrees.

19 July 2016
Free Education

Chih-Yu Chou on WTF MOOC stands for

Under the Knife

It is an unspoken truth that the University relies on animal subjects to advance research in a range of disciplines.

Melbourne School of Death

The MSD building may be an undeniably beautiful edifice – but what is it like being an Architecture student?

The Melbourne Space Program

Jesse Paris-Jourdan explores the nation’s first steps into the final frontier.

28 June 2016

The harsh reality of Unimelb’s golden child, the Juris Doctor.

24 May 2016
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