College Dropout

At the University of Melbourne, 7.5 per cent of all first-year students leave their courses.

4 October 2016
Failure to Protect

International students are increasingly voicing concerns regarding underpayment.

22 April 2016
String of Robberies Target International Students at Parkville Campus

“I was so terrified, as if I were dreaming.” Mary, an international graduate student in Melbourne University was robbed of her iPhone on Grattan Street at 9.10pm on Tuesday night. “My last lecture ended at 9pm,” she said. She was frightened to walk home alone that she checked time on her phone and held it tightly. […]

11 March 2016
Chainlink Ceiling

Funding barriers at The University of Melbourne are preventing refugees and asylum seekers from pursuing an education. A recent report by the Refugee Council of Australia has found asylum seekers and refugees are blocked out of the education system due to funding restrictions. It paints a damning picture of tertiary institutions’ funding allocations. This is particularly […]

20 February 2016
Something Like Lonely

Being a foreigner, especially one without the local language, is hard.

19 August 2015
An open letter to Four Corners

A while back, you aired a program presenting all the ways international students are ostensibly lowering the standards of Australian universities.

17 July 2015
Academology: International Students

Many international students who study in postgraduate courses are struggling with their studies in the first month of semester, asserting it is largely a result of unexpected language difficulties. Several of these students come from Asian countries. Students such as Hannah Huang, who studies engineering, feel anxious about final academic results. “Although there are still […]

19 June 2015
International Students in Limbo

Uncertainty over tuition fees could become a financial burden on the University of Melbourne’s full-fee paying international students, with graduate students facing a potential 10 per cent increase per annum, says the student union’s president. UMSU President Rachel Withers told Farrago that as universities face financial uncertainty due to cuts in Government funding, a 10 […]

20 March 2015
We Need to Talk…

To: Melbourne Global Mobility Cc: Arts Faculty, Melbourne Uni Bureaucracy Subject: We need to talk… Dear Melbourne Global Mobility, It hurts me to write this, it really does, but there are things that I need to say to you. You mean too much to me for dishonesty. We’ve had some great times together, but there […]

30 November 2013