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Flushed Away

Whether you’re a freshly minted first year or in the depths of a PhD, the University of Melbourne’s toilets are spaces where students are able to release their tears, as well as their bowels. The assortment of toilets at the University’s various campuses ensure that wherever you are, the comfort of a cubicle is never […]

Students face pay cuts: what the recent penalty rate cuts mean for students

“Without penalty rates, we are being asked to do everything while getting a further kick in the teeth.”

Mind The Gap

Students travelling to and from the University of Melbourne may face transport and infrastructure disruptions this year as work starts on the new Parkville train station.

SummerFest Week One: A Recap in Photos

The best from week one of O Week’s giant orientation event.

Four Things You’ve Done After a Year in Inner-North Melbourne

When I first decided to move to inner-north Melbourne, I knew I was setting myself up for a life of brunches, bicycles and burgers.

Something is Approshing

What the fuck is prosh?

Equal Representation

Paloma Herrera gives a recap of the people of colour conference.