Free Speech in Academia

Peter Tzimos argues that freedom of speech encourages the promotion of ideas, the importance of staff and students’ mental wellbeing should ensure these ideas are both safely explored and readily available.

8 August 2016
Passing Notes

Have you or your friends ever considered giving up on notebooks and just buying your notes? Bella Barker explores the world of passing notes.

Going Green With Envy

A comparison of universities’ sustainability initiatives.

Melbourne Metro

Bec Poynton tells us about our new railway station.

19 July 2016
You Can Call Me Daddy

Pro: He’s probably not a fuckboy. Con: Someone might mistake him for your literal father.

16 May 2016
The Postcode Paradigm

Simone Williams meditates on the East West debate.

18 April 2016
Not So Hot Anymore

“Hotties of Melbourne University” goes cold.

17 April 2016

Jesse Paris-Jourdan answers the question on everybody’s mind.

21 March 2016

Jacob Sacher finds a nice corner to snuggle up in.

Clubs Carnival 2016

It’s week three and you have settled in to the monotony of lectures and study. The campus has lost the spark you first felt when you arrived and you find yourself going straight home after classes. Your one regret is that you cannot go back in time to the O Week Clubs Expo. You have […]

14 March 2016
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