Further supports for queer students at Newman College

The University of Melbourne’s Newman College has taken steps towards greater inclusivity of its queer students, with efforts being made to improve their wellbeing and representation.The Dean of Newman, Genevieve Leach, has been a resident counsellor at the college for over a year, and oversaw the formation of a queer group for Newman students. She was also involved in updating the college’s student conduct policy.

24 June 2019
Federal Election Wrap-Up

The democracy sausages have been sizzled and the votes have been cast, the polls reflected the perceived hopes of the nation and the Coalition roundly smashed these to the ground. Scott Morrison has done the unthinkable, after the disastrous LibSpill of 2018 he has recaptured the support of many Australians to become Prime Minister, once again, although this time through the decision of ordinary voters around the country.

20 June 2019
Milam v University of Melbourne

Botched management of alleged misconduct by a recently- appointed Head of School has forced the University of Melbourne into a legal battle in the Australian Federal Court.

Appointed in April 2017, Professor Jennifer Milam, an art historian, took up her term as Head of the School of Culture and Communication on 1 January, 2018, but was suspended with full pay in late January this year following two colleagues’ allegations of academic misconduct.

17 June 2019
Radical Education Week Recap

The University of Melbourne Student Union (UMSU) Environment Collective held their third successive Radical Education Week during Week 7, from April 15 to 18. The week was a cross-campus event exploring radical ideas about education within and beyond the classroom.

17 June 2019
Change the Rules

On April 10, approximately 100,000 people took to the streets of Melbourne to protest against the Morrison government in a Change the Rules rally. The rally was organised by the Australian Council of Trade Unions (ACTU).

17 June 2019
A Ballotless By-Election

Following the resignation of several Office Bearers within the University of Melbourne Student Union (UMSU), the Indigenous, Queer and Education Academic (EdAc) offices went to by-election from 6th-8th of May. However, with all nominated candidates running unopposed, the vacancies were filled without students being able to vote.

17 June 2019
University of Melbourne Not Favoured By Its Employees

Recent data suggests that the University of Melbourne is far behind other Australian institutions when it comes to improving academic gender equity.

17 June 2019
University of Melbourne Introduces Anonymous Register

Content warning: mentions of sexual harassment, sexual assaultIn March 2019, the University of Melbourne introduced an anonymous register. This platform allows students, staff, alumni or visitors to report any inappropriate behaviour on campus to The University without having to make an official complaint, or formally identifying themselves. This change could make it easier and less distressing for victims of assault and harassment to come forward.

13 June 2019
UMSU International Election Results

On 13th May 2019, the University of Melbourne Student Union (UMSU) International elected a new committee with Archit Agrawal as president, leading the committee for the upcoming term. The new term commences on 1st August 2019.

11 June 2019
WATCH: Federal Election Live Coverage

Watch our live coverage here on Facebook. Executive Producer: Stephanie Zhang Technical Manager: Jesse Paris-Jourdan Results Announcers: Alison Ford, Jasper MacCuspie Hosts: Kaavya Jha, Annie Jiang, Alain Nguyen Student Panelists: Mark Yin, Lucy Williams, Allen Xiao, Jesse Gardner Russell Party Panelists: Ailish Hallinan (Greens), Joshua Munro (Labor), Jack Sharkey (Reason), Zachary August (Liberal) Data: Ed […]

6 June 2019
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