Trendy Equality

A report launched by the University of Melbourne late last year has found that the academic gender gap in Australian universities has narrowed over the last ten years and more females have achieved high level positions.

13 May 2019
Federal Election Coverage 2019

Welcome to Farrago’s coverage of the 2019 federal election.

13 May 2019
School Strike 4 Climate

On Wednesday March 15, an estimated 150,000 primary, high school, and tertiary students across the country walked out of class to protest the Australian government’s persistent inaction on climate change.0

9 May 2019
Staff and students protest casualisation

University of Melbourne staff and students protested against the increasing casualisation of staff today in front of the Raymond Priestly Building.

8 May 2019
Federal Budget Breakdown

The 2019 Federal Budget was announced on April 2, setting the tone for the Federal Election set on May 18. Finding the budget paper too long? Here are the highlights.

7 May 2019
Bike (Un)Co-operative

Despite the new cohort of office bearers (OBs), the Parkville campus’ bike co-op has yet to reopen. Over a year and a half since its supposed relocation, both current and previous Environment OBs allege University of Melbourne Student Union (UMSU) bureaucracy is behind the delay.

7 May 2019
Werribee Wage Gap

The University of Melbourne is currently facing legal proceedings brought by a previous employee, who Farrago will refer to as Lianne, on the grounds that her termination was on the basis ofher raising concerns over gender discrimination.

7 May 2019
Casual Work: The casualties of Melbourne University sessional staffing

The implementation of mandatory Working With Children Checks (WWCCs) at the University of Melbourne has added to concerns of unfair treatment of casual staff, putting the quality of education at the University at risk. Legislation was rolled out at the end of 2018 to account for the small percentage of university students that are still minors, but it does not specify who should pay for the checks, and casual staff are bearing the burden.

7 May 2019
Radical Education Week 2019 – Student Sustainability Forum Liveblog

Follow our coverage of the Student Sustainability Forum here!

16 April 2019
The Ethics of Making an ‘Election Budget’

At a first glance, the 2019 Australia Budget looks too good to be true—the first surplus in forever! Tax cuts, which is basically free money, for everyone! Cash payments! Amazing!Until, of course, you realise that the federal election was announced for May 18. There’s no doubt that many elements of the coalition’s budget are designed to appeal to voters and keep the current government in power, but is this a cheap ploy with dubious ethical considerations?

15 April 2019
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