Advocacy Groups Respond to Al Jazeera Documentary ‘Australia: Rape on Campus’

University sexual assault advocates have called for government action against sexual violence on international students after the launch of Al Jazeera’s documentary Australia: Rape on Campus last week.

4 May 2018
University ID Cards Creating Distress and Costs for Gender-Diverse Students

The University of Melbourne’s administrative system requires a student’s name to be changed legally before it can be changed on their ID card, placing a financial burden on gender diverse students.

26 April 2018
Student Impact Committee Launches

The University is launching the brand new Student Impact Committee to help student volunteers understand philanthropy and its impact on the University of Melbourne community. While this presents an opportunity for deeper student engagement, some students have criticised the lack of financial remuneration.

26 April 2018
Counselling and Psychological Services To Make Big Changes This Year

The University of Melbourne’s Counselling and Psychological Services (CAPS) is making changes this year in order to accommodate increasing demand.

24 April 2018
Degree in Prestige—Is It Worth It?

Whether you agree with the results or not, something is clearly not adding up between our high scores on world level rankings, bolstered by research projects, and our abysmal results when it comes to satisfaction with university teaching as determined by authentic student voices.

24 April 2018
UMSU International Extends Nomination Deadline for Election

UMSU International has extended the deadline for nominations for its annual general election to increase competition after multiple positions were uncontested or under-contested.

19 April 2018
Unsafe Community

Lucy Williams and Nurul Juhria Binte Kamal look at the University training sessions which left some student leaders “shocked and confused”

18 April 2018
Staff Industry Action Looms As NTEU Negotiations Stall

Staff at the University of Melbourne have begun the process of commencing industrial action, due to slow-moving negotiations regarding conditions of work with the University.

17 April 2018
Students Take a Radical Look at Education

It aims to educate University of Melbourne students about radical ideas, and prompt them to think about their degrees in new ways. It hopes to challenge the growing corporatisation of Australian universities and universities around the world, and to create a critical dialogue about the capitalist systems that make this happen and how they affect students something which is not covered in general curriculums.

13 April 2018
Open Letter: The Government Has Blocked All Student Media From Accessing The Budget Lock-Up

That’s why we are signing this open letter: after a year of sustained attempts to change higher education policy, we at least deserve the respect to be able to examine the government’s policy suggestions.

11 April 2018
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