Rally Against Sexual Violence In Pictures

On 1 August, students rallied at the University of Melbourne against sexual violence for the first anniversary of the nation-wide survey into sexual assault and sexual harassment at Australian Universities.

2 August 2018
Motion of No Confidence In NUS LGBTI Officer Passes At National Queer Conference

There is pressure on Jasmine Duff, one of the two queer/LGBTI officers at the National Union of Students (NUS), to resign, after a motion of no confidence in her was passed at the Queer Collaborations conference last month.

27 July 2018
Campus News Briefing: Lockheed, Love Letters and Scams

Welcome to semester two, and welcome to your campus news briefing.

18 July 2018
Changing Course: University Mandatory Consent Module Underperforms

The University of Melbourne introduced Consent Matters, an online sexual consent tutorial mandatory for all incoming undergraduate students, at the start of 2018.

17 July 2018
Still in Transition for UMSU International, Five Years Later

On 1 August, the new University of Melbourne Student Union (UMSU) International committee will officially begin their term. With Jonas Larsen heading the team as president, they already have ideas for improving the organisation.

17 July 2018
Phone Scam Targets Chinese Students

Members of the Chinese community living in Australia, particularly students, are being targeted by a phone scam exploiting the fact that they are separated from their families.

16 July 2018
#NotMyPresident Posters On Campus Protest China

Posters protesting against Chinese President Xi Jinping’s recent abolition of the term limit were found around campus at the University of Melbourne.

16 July 2018
University Agrees to Meeting with Student Activists About Lockheed Martin

From 7:30am on Wednesday, 11 July, students from the campus-based activist group Lockout Lockheed chained themselves to concrete-filled barrels to prevent staff, including Chancellery, the top tier leadership of the University, from entering their offices in Raymond Priestley.

13 July 2018
VCA Performance Accused of “Reverse Racism”

“Many people have found it confronting—in good and bad ways. Some have disengaged or even walked out. My response to those people is that I think they need to ask themselves why they couldn’t listen to the reality of this nation’s present and historical burdens.”

16 June 2018
Campus News Briefing: Stupol, Shaw Davey and a Data Breach

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13 June 2018
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