COVID-19: International Students

The campus should close for the safety of all students and staff. But, we ask that the university make the necessary accommodations that would be equitable for ALL students moving forward.

30 March 2020
SATIRE: Creators of Avatar Feature New Hero, Who Just Really Likes Tea

Water. Earth. Fire. Air.  Long ago, the four nations lived together in harmony. Then, everything changed when the COVID-19 attacked. Only the Avatar, master of one and a half elements (water, and maybe fire if you count a kettle) could stop the pandemic. But when the world needed her most, she vanished.  A few days […]

23 March 2020
Australian Creatives Rally for Bushfire Relief

As donations towards the recovery effort for Australia’s unprecedented bushfire season nears $500 million dollars, the arts community has rallied around these fundraising efforts, with a wide range events, auctions and pledges organised around the country in the past months.

23 March 2020
Metro Tunnel ‘On Track’ For Success

Four of Melbourne’s busiest rail lines were replaced by buses for the majority of January, as construction of the Metro Tunnel continued. 

23 March 2020
SATIRE: Sponsored post — Languagely

Do you find communicating with your peers difficult? Is the burden of individual expression… burdensome? Would you rather spend your time critiquing the failings of others without exposing yourself to the same threat?
Help is here. With Languagely, never again will you have to think about how to express yourself effectively.

23 March 2020
SATIRE: Student leaves assignment to last minute because time is just a construct

In the final, stressful minute before his literature assignment is due, Arts student Wes Wednesday is cool as a cucumber after realising that time does not, in fact, exist.

23 March 2020
Several students wearing face masks sit in the Old Quad.
UniMelb online learning transition leaves students and staff without support

On March 16, the University announced lectures and tutorials with over 500 students were required to cease face-to-face teaching by the following day. Classes with over 25 students but fewer than 500 will need to be online-only by March 30.

20 March 2020
COVID-19 Liveblog

Farrago have a number of reporters working on pieces about COVID-19 (Coronavirus) that are still developing. Unfortunately, the nature of the pandemic has resulted in rapidly changing information from our sources, and the university itself. As a result we are setting up this Liveblog so we can provide information to you in a timely manner.

16 March 2020
University of Melbourne Logo
Melbourne Law School’s Response to COVID-19

The Melbourne Law School has announced plans to make available recordings of all streams of compulsory subjects in response to growing concerns around COVID-19.

12 March 2020
Midsumma Festival
OPINION: Pride March, Pertinent and Powerful in 2020

I’ve been an out-and-about queer for the last five years, but 2020 marked my first year marching with pride as I joined the Graduate Student Association contingent. Walking with the colour, fanfare, love and welcomed embrace that is synonymous with the Pride March, I was reminded of how important these events (and my attendance) are […]

2 March 2020
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