Not Special Enough

Special consideration is an important university service, but some students are becoming concerned by the inconsistencies with which staff apply its provisions. Vast differences in how staff approach a student’s needs are raising questions around the extent to which staff seek out information and support made available by the Student Equity and Disability Support (SEDS) […]

14 February 2018
FOI(LED) Again

End Rape on Campus (EROC) ambassador Nina Funnell has revealed the details of a rejected Freedom of Information (FOI) request she conducted on the University of Melbourne late last year.

16 October 2017
The ‘Respectful Debate’

The University of Melbourne’s Academic Board has issued a statement in support of marriage equality in Australia, after earlier emails from University staff encouraged a ‘respectful debate’ within the academic environment.

16 October 2017
A correction from the Editors

Dear readers, We’d like to apologise for some factual inaccuracies in the Edition Four article, Poor Counsel (pg. 11). In the article, an UMSU Office Bearer stated, “The University used to run ten counselling sessions, but now it has dropped down to six.” We have since been advised that this is false. Furthermore, the Officer Bearers said, “We recently […]

13 June 2017

Gender diverse students at the University of Melbourne may not be able to receive Youth Allowance payments to which they are entitled from Centrelink because of their identity.

7 June 2017
Swerf to Avoid

CONTENT WARNINGS: transphobia, sex work discrimination and slurs

7 June 2017
Testing 1,2,3

Student representatives are no closer to implementing planned drug harm reduction policies as they face strong resistance from the University.

15 May 2017
All Systems Go

System Garden has already shrunk to a quarter of its original size since its inception in 1856.

27 February 2017
The Divestment Dilemma

The University offers no promises to break investment ties with the 21 fossil fuel companies which are listed on the Carbon Underground 200 ranking

25 January 2017
Racist posters discovered on campus

The posters contained racial slurs as well as the image of a swastika. A slogan at the bottom of the posters read, ‘Keep Australia White!’ along with other explicit, anti-diversity sentiments.

5 December 2016
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