Farrago Magazine

All Systems Go

System Garden has already shrunk to a quarter of its original size since its inception in 1856.

The Divestment Dilemma

The University offers no promises to break investment ties with the 21 fossil fuel companies which are listed on the Carbon Underground 200 ranking

Racist posters discovered on campus

The posters contained racial slurs as well as the image of a swastika. A slogan at the bottom of the posters read, ‘Keep Australia White!’ along with other explicit, anti-diversity sentiments.

Surveying the System

Paloma Herrera reports on universities trying to improve safety on campus.

Explosive Innovation

Sheri Lohardjo explores the latest partnership between the University and a military defence company.

Equal Representation

Paloma Herrera gives a recap of the people of colour conference.

Free Speech in Academia

Peter Tzimos argues that freedom of speech encourages the promotion of ideas, the importance of staff and students’ mental wellbeing should ensure these ideas are both safely explored and readily available.