Part Eight: And I Feel Fine

“Why are you carrying a pigeon?”

23 November 2017
Linus Linus Linus Linus

Linus! Linus Linus Linus Linus.

The Clocktower Crossbreed

There is an animal who lives on top of the Old Arts clocktower and looks like a horse, but isn’t, because he has leather wings.

16 October 2017
The Questionably ‘Rational Animal’

As humans, we have always prided ourselves on our rationality. Since Aristotle defined us as ‘rational animals’, philosophers have praised humans for their logic and reason. Carl Linnaeus, the father of modern taxonomy, christened us Homo sapiens, or ‘wise man’.

15 October 2017
For and Against: Velcro

FOR: Alaina Dean Velcro is just a revolutionary hook-and-loop fastener standing in front of the world asking us to love it. But the world is being naïve and childish, refusing to give Velcro the love it aches for. We’re just, you know, talking. The world needs to grow up, stop ghosting Velcro and publicly embrace […]

10 October 2017
Part Seven: Land Down Under

You know that feeling when you wake up after a really hectic night?

22 September 2017
Family Feud?

What we’re proposing is a continuous game of Family Feud with Grant Denyer; one that only ends when Grant Denyer’s sanity does…

Commerce Faculty Nabs Landmark Puffer Jacket Deal

After months of deliberation, money spent, and socialists held at bay, the 2017 Commerce faculty has cemented a deal with The North Face, which will see the popular ‘puffer jacket’ become a mandatory uniform for all Commerce students over the next five years.

The Untold Story of Hyenas

Like countless other ’90s kids, I first learnt about hyenas from watching The Lion King. 

18 September 2017
Inside the community that calls themselves ‘the scene’

If you’ve ever illegally downloaded a film, television program or video game, there’s a good chance you’ll have ended up with something from ‘the scene’. Intentionally vague and mysterious, the scene is a group of people who make a sport out getting the latest episode of Game of Thrones online, cracking the new Call of Duty, or getting the best quality encode of Baby Driver; kind of like fox-hunting but, arguably, more ethical.

13 September 2017
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