Science Lab: The Stanford Science Experiment

Grab a few friends and witness the breakdown of social niceties based on arbitrary allocations to opposing groups.

19 August 2015
Science Lab / Recipe for an Existential Crisis: The Rubber Hand Illusion

In this experiment, learn to amaze your friends and lead them to the crushing realization that their self-image isn’t as stable as they probably assumed. Method: Step One: Sit your friend at the table and instruct them to place their hands onto the surface. They can be palms-up or palms-down. Step Two: Obscure their view […]

12 August 2015
Science Lab / Strawberries and DNA

DNA is cool stuff: it gives your cells the instructions to make you, well…you. Yet with only a two per cent difference in its composition you would be a chimpanzee. It’s amazing to think that your entire being is pretty much governed by tiny strands of the junk. But alas, we never really get to […]

5 August 2015
Science Lab / The Speed of Light

It’s taken mankind over 300 years to pin down the speed of light. So we’re going to measure it with a chocolate bar. Let’s get started. METHOD: Step 1. You want to stop the platter in your microwave from rotating. This can be done either by inverting the platter or removing the wheels that allow […]

31 March 2015
Science Lab – Thermal Shock

I like this experiment because not only do you get to explore/demonstrate the effects of thermal shock*, but you also get some lovely glasses at the end. Also, you’re recycling and the earth will love ya for it. I would recommend following the materials list closely. Originally I did not and tried to use acrylic […]

23 March 2015
science lab / glow stick jars

Ever wanted to make a DIY glow stick jar? Rebecca Liew explains how in 3 easy steps.

2 March 2015
Bandura’s Bobo Doll Experiment

Spice up your life with this handy, customizable version of the Bobo doll experiment, conducted first by Albert Bandura, and now conducted by you!

22 February 2015