A Modern Proposal

With the imminent departure of Union House, what will happen to student services? Kye-Lee Cheong investigates.

6 October 2016
Something is Approshing

What the fuck is prosh?

3 September 2016
Fair Play

A look into MU Sport’s (it exists!) funding model.

8 August 2016
The Melbourne Space Program

Jesse Paris-Jourdan explores the nation’s first steps into the final frontier.

28 June 2016
Study Tricks

Bella Barker explains 5 tricks to get that H1 on your next exam.

16 May 2016
The Dax Centre

The Dax Center destigmatises the experiences of the mentally ill and promotes positive mental health and wellness for us all.

18 April 2016

Jacob Sacher finds a nice corner to snuggle up in.

21 March 2016
Stop (1) Right Now Thank-you Very Much

The new student centre replaces all previous centres as part of the university’s aim to create a ‘one stop shop’ for services.

25 February 2016