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The Future of Music

Online streaming services are evidently an inextricable part of tomorrow’s music scene but its impact on music revenue is clearly negative.

The Future of Education

Who should we, in the time-honoured tradition of poorly performing students, lean across the desk and copy the answers from?

The Future of Religion

People increasingly form their own independent interpretations of scripture, picking and choosing what aspects of religion they agree with based on their social context and the prevailing cultural zeitgeist.

The Future of Film

Leo brutalising innocent fauna may not just be emblematic of my emotional state but of the future of the film and television industries

The Future of Sex

The long-held tradition of rooting each other and suitable lifeless objects will continue for many years to come.

The Future of Food

I suggest going out to the garden right now and chowing down on the nearest handful of creepy crawlies you find.

The Future of Advertising

Advertising – the business of convincing people to buy things they don’t really need.