Family Hawaiian

Scott learns how to be a better friend.

2 October 2016

Fifi Fontaine de Vermouth solves another mystery.

16 September 2016
Livin La Vida Latte

Scott is happy, Flora is suss.

8 August 2016
Mostly Fine with a Chance of Clouds

What’s on Scott’s and Ben’s minds? Flora doesn’t find out.

3 August 2016

Ben has sex. Flora and Scott don’t.

Morning People, Mourning People

Flora breaks a cup and throws herself in the trash.

Love in the Time of Mass Transit

Scott falls in love but was too busy fantasising to get her number.

21 March 2016
Give the People Breadth and Circuses

Scott the Skeleton and Flora the Fox decide to take up ‘Panflutes in Contemporary Society’ as their breadth subject this semester, and learn to not regret a thing.

26 February 2016