The Cherryman: The Boy from Stormwater

The first child born to a god brought the moon back.

25 March 2020
The OTHER Theory of Evolution

In science class we only celebrated successes. But for every scientific superstar there’s a generation of equally intelligent scholars who got it wrong.

23 March 2020
Barbara Strozzi

Welcome to Canon in She, a column all about women composers, their fascinating lives and brilliant music.

3 March 2020
Menstrual Cups: Yay or Nay

Menstrual cups, the lesser-known alternative to managing periods have recently come to the spotlight as climate crisis is becoming more evident, and public participation to the matter is resulting in positive and effective turns (ngl, we woke).

3 March 2020
Regulating Language

One of the first problems that you must solve when setting up an education system—though it’s probably not something that an Australian would ever think about—is what language it will use. Ideally, it should be one spoken widely by students, which is why English is a good fit for classrooms in Australia, Japanese is a good fit for classrooms in Japan, and so on.

5 March 2019
Kiss and Tell

I was sitting in bed working (read: procrastinating) on an upcoming essay when the infamous “heyy” text lit up my screen. Here we go again, I thought to myself.

5 March 2019
Diaspora Dilemmas

The evening we found out that my grand-uncle had been brutally taken from us, my childhood home no longer felt like home. The air hung heavy and the humidity that served as a reminder of the inevitability of summer, clung to my skin, making it hard to breathe.

5 March 2019
Living Well When You’re Unwell

Welcome to Living Well When You’re Unwell—a column that answers all your questions about navigating uni, life, relationships, and jobs with disability and chronic illness.

5 March 2019
Double Take

It’s the start of a new year. Returning students promise themselves that they’ll study earlier in the semester. Freshers undergo self-reinvention that inevitably boils down to an unflattering haircut.

5 March 2019
Mad about inequality: Gender Representation in Mathematics

In mathematics, there’s a big drop-off in percentage representation of female and non- binary students between undergraduate courses and postgraduate courses. So, to explore this further, I interviewed five women and one non- binary person who are currently undergraduate maths students at the University of Melbourne.

4 March 2019
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