Carolyn Huane

21 February 2016

Underground, Outer Space

A poem written about Carolyn Huane.


Gender diverse students at the University of Melbourne may not be able to receive Youth Allowance payments to which they are entitled from Centrelink because of their identity.

Access Denied

The University of Melbourne Student Union’s (UMSU)Education (Academic) Department is lobbying the University for a fairer lecture recording policy.

How To Deck Out Your Uni Pad For Free

I Think the Stars are Screaming

I think the stars are screaming honey.

Empty rhetoric

Indigenous staff members were surprised to find that references to Indigenous employment targets have been removed from a proposed new version of a staff agreement.

Recollections 1

How To: Friend That Fur Baby


Gareth Cox-Martin taps into Australia’s potential.

Matcha Do About Nothing?

Hania Syed tastes an emerging trend.

When I Ripped My Pants

Like in teen movies when the nerd girl takes off her glasses, I ripped my pants and was ready to disappoint my parents.

Come ACME Bruh

I, Wile E. Coyote, would like to lodge yet another complaint regarding two more of your faulty products.

Is Kanye Kanye?

Is he really that ridiculous or is it all an act?

The Postcode Paradigm

Simone Williams meditates on the East West debate.

Couldn’t Escape If I Wanted To

Danielle Crocci recounts a life lived by Abba songs.

Uniform of Chains

I would weave my fingers through the dirty forest of hair on the creature’s heavy head and I would apologise, over and over again.

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