Fergus Neal

11 March 2016

The Time I Got Tipsy With Ronny Chieng

Interview: Des Bishop

Interview: Tessa Waters

Interview: Rhys Nicholson

Interview: Stuart Goldsmith

Interview: Cal Wilson

Interview: David Quirk

Stand Up For What

Interview: Anne Edmonds

Interview: Sami Shah

Interview: Susie Youssef

Near crippling anxiety isn’t usually a trait many would ascribe to a successful comedian.

Interview: Sam Taunton

Last time he was at UniMelb a sausage was thrown at him from a BBQ adjacent to the stage where he was preforming a stand-up gig on North Court.

Review: Dave Hughes

Dave himself, seems to be surprised he’s on stage and performs as thought this is a dream.

Interview: Laura Davis

Her style and ability to explore new frontiers, turning stand up into a truly artistic medium, is invigorating.

REVIEW: Felicity Ward’s What if There is No Toilet?

Felicity Ward’s energy and enthusiasm for what she does is contagious.

REVIEW: Tom Ballard’s Boundless Plains to Share

I leave the show having laughed jovially, while having also learnt more than I thought possible at a comedy show.


Fergus Neal has a stand-up sit down with some of the best comedians in Australia.

When Man and Puppet Collide: An Interview with Sammy J & Randy

We sit down with Sammy J and Randy ahead of their show at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival.

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