Jack Francis Musgrave

29 March 2016

One Corner of a Poster in a BP Roadhouse

Pies in Ponds was the last pie floater stand in South Australia. Em found it drunk and dreaming.

Instant Death Syndrome

Three days into September, having just left one of Morten’s coldest recorded winters into a spring that brought what we figured was the warmth of things looking up, my mate Rob carked it halfway between the pier and the local.

How Not To Be A Dick This Paralympics

Jack Francis Musgrave on the glory of the Paralympics.

For & Against: The Olympics

Citius, Altius, Fortius?

Big Heavy Things

Handsome Dan

On the cult of Giles Corey.

Review: Aunty Donna

They aren’t the future of Australian comedy. They’re the now. So get around them.

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