Jeremy Nadel

2 December 2015

The Co-op Stand-off

Inside the Co-op Bookshop’s AGM

Students and board members stand off at Co-op AGM

Footage obtained by Farrago shows students demanding answers from National Secretary Talal Yassine.

Anne Aly fails to declare directorship of Co-op Bookshop

Her former directorship of the bookshop could put her in hot water. Students are set to ambush the Annual General Meeting of the bookshop today.

Locking out Lockheed Martin

Protesters camp outside Carlton Connect to make a bold statement against the University’s partnership with arms manufacturer, Lockheed Martin.

Beer Not Books (or, the Unco-operative Bookshop)

A Farrago report reveals the lie behind the name.

“Growth in the bottom line” for whom?

Jeremy Nadel weighs in on the 2016 Federal Budget’s finance and economics.


Farrago breaks down the proposed flexible academic programming model.


30 years of the cave clan.

Funding the Party Line

The 2016 UMSU Students’ Council has met for the first time, discussing issues including the allocation of student funds and cuts to student department budgets.

Union Money and Detention Centres

Believing and disbelieving

Jeremy Nadel analyses in detail the University of Melbourne’s funding decisions and whether or not they are effective.

UNI Council: Conflict of Interest Free?

Fossil Free Melbourne University (FFMU), a campus activist collective, have run over a year’s worth of protests, petitions, face-to-face confrontations and other forms of lobbying. They want the Council to declare in the new Charter that the University will divest the $588 million in its Endowment Fund from the top 200 fossil fuel companies. The Council has a key decision to make, but are all members of the Council interest free?

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