Lilly McLean

16 April 2016

Desert Dreaming

It was one of my first weeks as a volunteer in the desert eco-village of Lotan, as the relentless sun scorched onto my tanned shoulders and I was 20 metres up a date palm, up to my elbows sorting sticky, squashed dates. It was 2 pm, nearly time to climb onto the tractor that would take us back for a hearty lunch of three different types of pasta, two types of tomato sauce and one type of salad: Israeli salad. The other volunteers and I were participating in the usual end of work banter, until Yaki, the kind, father-of-four, Neil Patrick Harris lookalike, communist, rap-loving, crazy boss of the date plantation scaled our tree with his bare hands and said something that would guide my journey in the months to come.

Safer Sport

CONTENT WARNING: references to sexual assault. The University of Melbourne Student Union (UMSU) is taking action to work with Melbourne University Sport (MU Sport) to make sure grievance procedures for sexual assault are more visible.

Testing 1,2,3

Student representatives are no closer to implementing planned drug harm reduction policies as they face strong resistance from the University.

Dark Side of the Aisle

Albino Alone

Translucent skin and pointed pink nipples reflected back at her, neon lights flashing ‘I’m not right!’

Like Likes To Like Like

A short story by Kangli Hu.

Titanic Today

The ship, the myth, the metaphor.

She Made Me Look Twice

Mishell Hernandez on the myth in her mind.

Don’t Leave Unattended

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