Sam Nelson

21 February 2016

Anthropological Notes on Summoning a Sex Demon

Objective reality? Sam Nelson has no need for that.

Part 4: Wake Me Up Before You Row, Ro

“Is that… is that Tony Abbott?”

Part Three: Flower Power

Before I could reply there was some sort of battle cry and a horde of figures came running down the plains. They took advantage of our confusion and circled us, pointing sharpened sticks at our flesh.

Part Two: Tinder Surprise

This is the way the world ends, not with a bang but a – lol jks it will end with us banging.

Part One: The Sacking of YOMG

Canned soup, canned asparagus, canned spaghetti, canned – ohmygod tampons.

Anonymous Till

do you name your nature’s wealth?

Wall of Bros

Mary Ntalianis on metal’s barrier to entry.

Meat The Future

Jack Kilbride on the climate of change in the food industry.

Census Material

Big Heavy Things

What Makes A Migrant?

Ella Shi on why economic migrants should still be considered refugees.

Existence Is Futile

It seems to me as though everyone and their dog is having an existential crisis these days.


Brendan Tam warns us about the peril of polls and populism.

It’s all Greek to Me

Growing up, the closest thing I ever felt to Hellenic pride was after Helena Paparizou’s ‘My Number One’ won the Eurovision Song Contest in 2005.

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