Thiashya Jayasekera

17 March 2016

Do Our Brains Create Consciousness?

Thiashya is back answering another big question in science. This time, she explains whether our brains create consciousness.

Why Are Some People Ticklish?

Thiashya Jayasekera presents a column about the big questions in science. This edition is all about why some people are ticklish.

Why Do We Get Deja-Vu?

Why do we get Deja-Vu? Are we really seeing the future? Science (Thiashya Jayasekera) finally explains.

Why Do We Get Sick In Winter?

But how much truth is there to this old wives’ tale? Can you catch a cold from being cold?


A better approach to global health?

Why Do We Sleep?

Whether you see it as a necessary evil or dream of living the burrito life, the question remains: why is it necessary?

Why are some people left handed?

It’s hard being a left-hander in a right-handed world.

Do We Have A Sixth Sense?

Have you ever sensed that something bad was about to happen? Have you ever had a dream come true?

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