I’m entranced by lighting stores
imagining our kitchen
and lounge
and how it would feel when one day
you were home.

21 May 2018

Holding doors open for
people, hoping they’ll open too
and embrace her,
Talk to her, thank her.

21 May 2018
A Kiss

I haven’t been kissed in so long.
When everyone is tucked
between bedsheets stuffed with
love and honeycomb (because

21 May 2018
writing in vain

the telly has given its verdict:
the world is too big to be contained in its chest
and it cannot find a colour for its own blood
so what else but spirited away?

21 May 2018

A car alarm breaks the stillness.
You roll onto your side and mutter something empty,
the breeze carries flutes from Bacchic hills
through the sometimes portal of your curtains,
five bells toll in some distant church
and the future, my love, can wait another day.

21 May 2018
Christmas Eve

The dog loves it!
She finds bottles full of human urine
or a half-full coke can
and tears off over the horizon only to return
sticky and licking her stained lips.

21 May 2018
My Old Fire

I changed my lipstick three times
ironed my shirt
borrowed my mum’s shoes.

21 May 2018
At the Back of Rowden White

A spacious, well-lit, and illuminated afternoon that
carries one forward through morose times
of dreary, unanswered dreams.

21 May 2018
Part Four: “Once more I’ll read the ode that I have writ”

Shakespeare looked at his laptop. He shifted uncomfortably and read once more the task he had to end: to write 15 lines of poetry for his creative writing subject. He hadn’t written much; he was sort of gazing at the wall and remarking how pale and white it was. He looked back at his screen to read what he’d writ. From. An excellent word for an hour of work.

21 May 2018
tooth collection

fertile ground
where trichor flown from bitten tongue lands
emnous remnants a toothsome luxury
cthonia induced by friend nor foe alike;

3 May 2018
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