Gran and Me On Tour

“Guard, Gran.” “Yes, I know! Such a charming guide!” “No, Gran, he’s a guard… a guard.” “…He’s going to get a big tip from me! And that accent! O there’s nothing more magical than an Irishman’s tongue!” she winks as a flush accelerates across my face. “Shall I ask if he’s single?”  “Gran!” Her imagination […]

26 August 2020
Eternity and Time

I The moon in a tea cosy     twinkles at half mast our bones and eyes     a sprinkle of stardust on the canvas of time She dances from swell to swell     swaying from the rigging  A tinkling of the whales’ windchimes                                                                                                               The blue water of dawn filled the room.   II Lost ideas and blank […]

26 August 2020
missing (a found poem)

content warning: child abuse, death, kidnapping, abduction and violence. a pink Barbie book bag buried in a public park lipstick marks on a pimpled face denim pants and a scar on her knee picking peaches from a neighbour’s tree cherries on her left shoulder blade long ponytails in spring clowns in the rear window deep-set […]

26 August 2020
A Buddhist Funeral on Reunion Day

CW: death There’s nothing in that area, you warned me too late, after I alighted into a cartography of auto-workshops, flat stretches of old grass; the shadowy hull of Eunoia Junior College. Once humming with gasoline, the asphalt lies as if dead no pink flags rumbling in the distance, no trucks ferrying the din of […]

26 August 2020

CW: coercive relationships, implied dysphoria and implied transphobia Say we’re sat cross-legged, however many of us, arms twined watching Lizzie McGuire re-runs where she has her first kiss on our Switch, her heart broken when Ronnie says later–we all repeat– We need to talk, in different voices. You are impersonating Ronnie deliciously: the small fry […]

26 August 2020
Second to Last

i. you only know you’re successful when you have rocks in your mouth when your mouth is where your chest was now tectonic-plated, clashing the right-brained and the left-handed so a new mountain was raised of a molehill mind— to brave teacup-storms with, to balance coffee on,   you don’t open your mouth for fear […]

26 August 2020

Observe the objective world  directly through the senses.                                    Representations are undermined                                     from glitches in the physiology                                     of the brain.   Sunset, various parts of Melbourne city.  Loud crowds distract and fluorescent lights distract and Graceful infrastructure Blocks the view Of the sunset.   Sunset,    Open space.                        Man walks his dog   Large    […]

26 August 2020
How to Forget Him

Smash the amulet
that you are so sure
holds his eyes within it

23 April 2020
Losing Grip

John woke up with a grenade in his hand.
That wasn’t the worst of it. His alarm said he was going to be late for work.

23 April 2020
a catcher’s handbook

a love for spearmint, for the burgundy red
                   rhubarb patch

25 March 2020
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