I feel like a total walnut!

18 July 2017
Little Red Gumboots

CONTENT WARNING: CHILD SEXUAL ABUSE Under the cold, wet sky of a miserable Sunday, little Sam Baker buried her gumboots in the woods. It was a private ceremony. No witnesses. Just her, the soil and the corpse of something she used to love. At the tender age of five, she would have declared the forest […]

Plight of the Hunter

Pitch: Back here at the office, we were thinking about ‘family movies’ and how they seldom appeal to the entire family. So we decided to blend this ultimately playful genre with the most serious genre we could think of – film-noir. The idea is this: a brilliant detective, Blake Bigcock, is enlisted by Baby van […]

The Dog in the Hole

Continued from ‘The Mother Isn’t the Problem’.

11 July 2017
The Picnic

Something not quite

23 June 2017
Malcolm Y

Ever seen a film and thought it was good, but could have been great? That’s what remakes are for!

The Urgent

Pedestrian crossings beat as my heart.

7 June 2017
Rigging, Sunday 3pm

“They’re called barn doors,” she tells me.

Empty Empire

He looked down at the vast valley below him, at the tops of the trees that were smudged grey and purple in the fading light.


There will be another starry night.

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