Gathering Sticks

In Footscray now; people in soft-focus and wrapped in silk. Asphalt melts, sticks to my boot.

13 February 2018

Together we fought with the magpies over the best places to find food, and we huddled close in the cold at night, watching for cats, and we would sit in the swaying branches of oak trees, peering down at the neat rows of dark-bricked human houses, the rectangular sections of grass bordering them, the great black wasteland roads where monstrous cars roared by.

13 February 2018
Chroma Purple


15 January 2018
Chroma Pink

Artwork by Hanna Liu Curated and designed by Ilsa Harun

20 December 2017
Recollections 6

20 December 2017
Chroma Green

        Artwork by Scarlette Do Curated and designed by Ilsa Harun

17 December 2017
Recollections 5

17 December 2017
Recollections 4

12 December 2017
Chroma Orange

Artwork by Monique O’Rafferty Curated and designed by Ilsa Harun

12 December 2017
Part Eight: And I Feel Fine

“Why are you carrying a pigeon?”

23 November 2017
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