Love Note: 54

You are still there.

24 March 2020
Matrykoshka Dreams

The tiger awakens as you grip the bars and use them to propel you into a 360-degree jump.
Beads of sweat nestle on your neck and your heart swells in its cage.

24 March 2020
The Place Where the Stars Have Gone

He tells you to meet him on level six of that car park tucked behind the shops. There must be nowhere else to park at this time of night. You don’t realise it’s the rooftop.

24 March 2020
the snow falls softly

they run
losing memories like leaves

24 March 2020
pomegranate streetwalker

I’m seven 
pushing my bike down the lane 
the crunchy gravel sounds delicious

24 March 2020
Strange little boy

they call you

  Strange, little boy.

24 March 2020
Flash Fiction Edition One 2020: Summer

100 words or less.
Theme: Summer

24 March 2020
Melbourne Within Me: Excerpts From My Journal

189 Elgin Street is a cafe which holds what I thought we had lost: good soup and a slow view. It is a museum of inefficient objects put to dance.

23 March 2020
Cooking Words

Unwrapping the tinfoil, Oops, the intonation of a sentence / is overcooked; the content of a sentence is / meaningless.

3 December 2019

I don’t mind if it is an acorn, a plum, or a baobab fruit. / They are all fruits.

3 December 2019
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