like a pearl-shaped ship on an inky sea
she glides imperceptibly, making headway
without want of lighthouse, for no beacon

16 August 2018
utmost virtue

name winds more surely than children
or virtues of the land
and sea

16 August 2018
Amber Blindfold

I am afraid of the bees. I can’t pass through them. My hair doesn’t coil into antennae and I have no wings; my vertebrae is flat and fearful and all too human. Oh, how they swarm and shiver in golden rivers. Dew drop, dew drop, forbidden fruity sweat.

16 August 2018
shelling pistachios

she wonders. do they sleep
stuck inside out like upturned cockroaches.
leftover crumbs of laughter

16 August 2018
The Trial

“Br-brain of hers. She lu-lusts after me, lu-lusts after the unknown, the unreal, the deviant older woman. She’s stuck here in her job, in this town, but now she’s stuck here with—”

16 August 2018
Wall-labels for the Dark Imaginings exhibit, Melbourne University

Press Release: “In 18th century Europe a revolutionary shift in literary and artistic expression took place that became known as ‘the Gothic’. Nightmarish images of barbarity, oppression and the supernatural were abstracted from an earlier medieval (or ‘Gothic’) age and fused with a Romantic focus on imagination and emotion, resulting in works of frightening and […]

16 August 2018
by accident, unasked for and foreign policy

the sky is your enemy’s
napkin, stitched together
by your forgiveness

15 August 2018
Part Six: “The crown will find an heir”

As Shakespeare scurried out from the Baillieu, a deluge of unpleasantness swarmed against him in the form of many knaves carrying flyers, all in colourful dress. He was in a melancholic mood and found their pressing behaviour worsened his state. He learnt a new expression from Chloe that day that he found quite effective. He told them to fuck the fuck off.

15 August 2018
Flash Fiction Six: Puzzles, Riddles and Limericks


15 August 2018
Snake Shouts

Her eldest daughter picks up the cake tin and takes it inside. She puts her son down and he toddles after them. She passes her mother in the doorway. “Typical of him to leave it on the verandah like that.”

9 August 2018
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