I think I worked it out – why I admire and fear bees so much.

31 March 2017
Delicate Treats

A soul dances.

Red and White

river or rivers?

1 March 2017
No Secrets In This Reign

After eternity, will you find me?

Jesus on Hold

“You are to me what salt is to wounds”.

28 February 2017

Pink flowers grow in the front lawn.

Anonymous Till

do you name your nature’s wealth?

6 October 2016

A poem by anonymous that is expressing frustration and heartbreak.

4 October 2016

A poem by Belinda Lea Bhatia about the day of a hairbush.

Death Indiscriminate of Ladies or Gents

I just saw a spider in the corner of my room It was scrunched up In a form of self-inflicted suffering In order to beg innocence So I blew on it just to make sure And saw its performance cease I grabbed a tissue box, within proximity, withdrew: Four pieces As one might four hundred […]

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