Jess’ logic was that a towering, six foot Nigella Lawson in my kitchen would shame me into action.

16 October 2017

Agatha Christie finally arrives and the most shocking thing is that she isn’t in black and white.

19 September 2017
a collection of quiet thoughts

For as long as I can remember, I have not screamed.

25 August 2017
Instructions for a Ritual of Healing

(To be read instructionally, as if from a book.)


I’m treasure hunting.

The Firer

Gunther woke up feeling sick.

18 July 2017
In A House On A Hill

The house perches on old stilts on a sloping, dusty shore.

A Cup of Tea in Nepal

“Would you like to know more about our city?”


I feel like a total walnut!

Little Red Gumboots

CONTENT WARNING: CHILD SEXUAL ABUSE Under the cold, wet sky of a miserable Sunday, little Sam Baker buried her gumboots in the woods. It was a private ceremony. No witnesses. Just her, the soil and the corpse of something she used to love. At the tender age of five, she would have declared the forest […]

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