Plight of the Hunter

Pitch: Back here at the office, we were thinking about ‘family movies’ and how they seldom appeal to the entire family. So we decided to blend this ultimately playful genre with the most serious genre we could think of – film-noir. The idea is this: a brilliant detective, Blake Bigcock, is enlisted by Baby van […]

18 July 2017
The Urgent

Pedestrian crossings beat as my heart.

7 June 2017
Empty Empire

He looked down at the vast valley below him, at the tops of the trees that were smudged grey and purple in the fading light.


Her message box is empty. She stares at the blinking cursor for a long time. Then she types: Poem for a Boy I Don’t Know.


Do you think it’ll hurt?

No Toilet Paper for Dirty Men

There was a ‘toilet etiquette’ poster on the stall door, below the hook where he’d hung his holster and pistol. He would have used the poster, if it wasn’t covered in various colours of bubblegum.

No Such Thing As An Eaglehawk

Solomon Delaware Daley was born wide-eyed and completely silent.

11 May 2017
A List of Life Facts That I Learnt

CONTENT WARNINGS: terminal illness, sexual assault mentions of rape.

I did not tell my mother that I would be meeting X (who I met online) and I don’t intend to.


I was the one person who saw the life beyond this house’s tired façade. From my desk, peering into the house next door, it was impossible to miss the flashes of frantic life that streaked past my windowpane.


I run home, which hurts my bladder.

31 March 2017
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