Review: Everywhere I Look

This book is great for any reader looking for short, sharp reads that are wonderfully written.

29 March 2016
Review: Our Magic Hour

Aubrey is a reserved protagonist who struggles to communicate her feelings, even to the reader.

22 March 2016
Review: The Sick Bag Song

Part tour diary, part extended poem, part fictional prose, The Sick Bag Song is a dark, swirling epic.

1 March 2016
Review: How to Set a Fire and Why

Much of How to Set A Fire and Why has to do with Lucia’s initiation into a group of arsonists.

29 February 2016
Review: The High Mountains of Portugal

Yann Martel’s most recent work proves as anticlimactic and flat as the eponymous mountains themselves.

13 February 2016
Review: Cure

Jo Marchant’s rigorous exploration of the science (and pseudo-science) behind the mind’s ability to heal the body.

1 February 2016
Review: Summer Skin

Reading Kirsty Eager’s Summer Skin is like having a drunken conversation with another girl in the bathroom of a nightclub.

20 January 2016
Melanie Basta and the Order of the Book

Confession time: The Guy, the Girl, the Artist and his Ex by Gabrielle Williams is the first YA book I’ve reviewed for this column that I have not previously read as a kid or a teenager.

19 August 2015
Melanie Basta and the Goblet of Books

There’s something oddly comforting about A Series of Unfortunate Events, despite the inherently depressing narrative.

3 July 2015
The Book: Saga

While Saga is a serious story, it never seems to take itself seriously, and its characters are never overburdened with the humourless gravitas that fills the pages of so many high fantasy books.

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