Come ACME Bruh

I, Wile E. Coyote, would like to lodge yet another complaint regarding two more of your faulty products.

19 July 2016
Stranger Than Fiction

When I was in third grade, I received my first love letter. It was from Timothy Lloyd, a blond haired cherub of fourth grader and the fastest runner in his class. Definitely a catch. The letter was delivered to me by a boy with purple sneakers, because the idea of little Timmy and I communicating […]

We Ain’t Afraid of No Female Ghostbusters

If you’re pissed off because the new Ghostbusters are women, it’s not because of your loyalty to the original franchise – you just hate women.

13 July 2016
Feel Good, Fatalist Feminism: The Cult of Two Bitches in a Car

Thelma and Louise cuts deeper as a feminist film by acknowledging that the system, and the odds, are stacked against us.

11 July 2016
Not So Lucky: Chasing Asylum Review

It is provoking and will make you uncomfortable but every Australian should watch Chasing Asylum.

14 June 2016
Aliens, Abs, Anti-Capitalism: They Live and the Cult of the Conspiracy ‘Documentary’

They Live is a decidedly heavy-handed take on consumerism and conformity – you can feel the likes of Banksy and Shepard Fairey milking it for inspiration

16 May 2016
Period Drama

Amelia isn’t talking less about her uterus, and more about Downton Abbey.

King of the Jungle

On human superiority in The Jungle Book.


Tiernan Morrison explains why Deadpool is the super satire we deserve, but not the one we need.

21 March 2016
The Visit to M. Night Shyamalan

“You know, it surprises me every time I sit down to write that there’s some kind of conversation about faith that’s going on in reusing the subjects of aliens and comic books or whatever”.

16 March 2016
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