Fodder Jams

It was a great exercise of reflection to try and pinpoint one record that greatly influenced my trajectory in life. It also proved the power that music has over my emotions, thought processes and overall satisfaction. As such, I posed the challenge to my colleagues at Radio Fodder – I asked them to choose one album that has been greatly influential for them. Whether that be in terms of constructing music taste, soundtracking a pivotal moment in their lives, shaping their Radio Fodder show or adopting a new philosophy. The team open up about some of their most personal musical memories.

7 June 2017
Glitter, Groovin the Moo and figuring it out together

Glitter of all colours whirling through the air. Crushed cans of Somersby sprawled across grass. Pupils so large there aren’t any irises left. A sea of sticky bodies moving together like a pulsing wave. There’s only one context in which these images are deemed natural. Groovin the Moo is one of Australia’s most beloved travelling […]

11 May 2017
Nine Must-Listen-To Podcasts Before Swotvac

About a year ago I became addicted to podcasts. If you ask anyone who knows me, they’ll tell you my addiction is ‘pretty annoying.’ As March was #trypod month, a National Public Radio (NPR) initiative celebrating podcasts, so there is no better time to start listening. To avoid scrolling through 250,000 obscurely named podcasts, here […]

24 April 2017
Review: Passenger 25/1/17

In the last week of January, thousands came together to see Passenger perform his one and only Melbourne show at the Sidney Myer Music Bowl. The weather was on its best behaviour for the outdoor event, and the grounds were covered by those of all ages and backgrounds. Kids were rolling down the hill while […]

2 February 2017
The Beatles: Eight Days a Weeks – The Touring Year

These messy human relationships and complicated associations with the world are what set The Beatles apart from the other boybands

21 September 2016
When Grown Adults Moshed to The Wiggles – their 18+ Reunion Show Review

On 9 September, the original Wiggles – Greg, Anthony, Murray and Jeff, as well as Captain Feathersword – brought their timeless songs to The Croxton in Melbourne for a one-night-only 18+ reunion show.

19 September 2016
In Defence Of The Fangirl

Monique O’Rafferty is proud of her passion.

29 August 2016
Wall of Bros

Mary Ntalianis on metal’s barrier to entry.

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