PBS Takes the Plunge

It’s important that people have ready access to an alternative attitude in broadcasting, away from the pulp of commercial media.

20 May 2016
10 Best Eurovision Winners

From flash in the pan divas to enduring pop icons, here are the best Eurovision winners.

Is Kanye Kanye?

Is he really that ridiculous or is it all an act?

16 May 2016
Lamenting the Lost Art of the Protest Song

The rise of Bernie Sanders, the upsurge in youthful progressive energy… yet most of today’s musicians are leaving an awkward silence.

Sad Grrrls Fest comes to Melbourne!

Sad Grrrls Fest organiser Rachel Maria Cox talks to Farrago about her dream lineup, diversity and gender barriers to music.

3 May 2016
Handsome Dan

On the cult of Giles Corey.

1 May 2016

Mary writes a piece on women in music today.

18 April 2016
Interview: Flying Bison

When it started out we had a riff of just three or four notes and just played that over and over again.

7 April 2016
Interview: Jakubi

“Judging from the band’s rise to fame over the last few years we’ll definitely be hearing more from them.”

Interview: Tinpan Orange

A distinctive flavour in the Australian music scene with their hybrid folk-pop stylings and introspective lyrics.

30 March 2016
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