REVIEW: Sam Taunton – Rooster (Melbourne International Comedy Festival)

I first saw Australian comedian Sam Taunton perform in 2019 at the Palais Theatre, when he was the opening act for Rob Brydon’s live show I Am Standing Up. I remember thinking ‘Wow! What a great opening act!’, and wanted to see more of his work. And 2 years later, here we are. Taunton’s first […]

5 April 2021
Goodbye, Dragon Inn (Tsai Ming-Liang, 2003)

Flaneur culture emerged during the nascent era of industrialism to denote citizens who could walk the city with a sense of leisure—a recurring, if unintentional trope in Tsai Ming-Liang’s 2003 film Goodbye, Dragon Inn. Cinemas are fragile and delicate spaces, as highlighted throughout Tsai’s film, which portrays a single-theatre cinema in Taipei before its imminent […]

28 March 2021
Review: Rippon Lea Estate Miss Fisher and the Crypt of Tears Exhibition

There is no better way to celebrate the fashion of Miss Fisher and the Crypt of Tears than by viewing it within Aunt Prudence’s very own home – otherwise known to non-Miss Fisher fanatics as Rippon Lea Estate in Elsternwick. In 2012, the ABC premiered Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries, a detective series which followed the […]

25 March 2021
THE WITCHES: A New Generation (Moonlight Cinema)

cw: ableism There’s nothing quite like discovering Roald Dahl’s world as a child—it’s full of wonder, imagination and the perfect dose of dark comedy. The Witches marks the latest adaptation of a Dahl classic. (We won’t discuss Tim Burton’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, we pretend that doesn’t exist.) The Witches (and Matilda) have always […]

23 March 2021
Review: Melbourne Symphony Orchestra’s Chinese New Year Concert [Rescheduled, 13th of March 2021]

It was a beautiful Melbourne evening (read: raining and cold), when a friend and I, armed with a picnic blanket and my slightly broken umbrella, squelched along the grass to the always iconic Sidney Myer Music Bowl.  Walking amongst the little metal scaffolds, we looked for our seats but were unable to find them. We […]

20 March 2021
Review: Back to the Future (*and definitive rankings of random assorted free stuff that the Moonlight Cinema gave us for no reason)

PART ONE Back to the Future is the most enjoyably predictable and watchable movie I’ve seen in a while. Reviewer Adam Smith put it perfectly all the way back at the film’s release in 1985, writing in The Empire: “to put it bluntly; if you don’t like Back to the Future, it’s difficult to believe […]

18 March 2021
Cinematica: Love

The most baffling thing about Cinematica: Love was its title. Ostensibly setting out to “explore the notion of love in all its glorious forms”, the suite of four short films opened with a hallucinatory collage of dismembered statues, swallowed up in pools of inky black, shortly followed by stills of a gynaecological endoscopy. The event […]

18 March 2021
Review: Minari

I watched Minari with a Korean friend, a first-generation immigrant like myself, and when we left the cinema, we agreed upon two things:  We would love for our parents to watch this movie. (Next to us, so we can closely discern their reactions).  We would completely understand if they turned it off at the thirty-minute […]

3 March 2021
Review: musings on lesbianism & Last Night at the Telegraph Club by Malinda Lo

content warning: internalised homophobia, d slur mention “Perhaps one day she’d get used to the way it made her feel: dislocated and dazed, never quite certain if the other half of her would stay offstage as directed. But tonight she felt as if she were constantly on the edge of saying or doing something wrong, […]

2 March 2021
Review: Long Story Short (2021)

Long Story Short is a romantic comedy that depicts the consequences of always putting yourself first and forgetting about the most important people in your life. Director Josh Lawson uses Sydney’s picturesque beach side as a backdrop to tell the story of how Teddy (Rafe Spall) and Leanne’s (Zahra Newman) accidental New Year’s kiss develops […]

25 February 2021
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