Review: Terri Lyne Carrington and Social Science @ The Jazzlab

Terri Lyne Carrington and Social Science gave a mesmerising performance in this year’s International Jazz Festival. Lead by Terri Lyne, a Grammy award winning drummer, the modern and original take on jazz featuring themes from neo-soul, acid jazz, hip-hop, indie rock and soul was cleverly used as a vessel for a satiric social commentary project highlighting matters of sexism, racism, freedom.

13 June 2018
Review: The Public Opinion Afro Orchestra @ Darebin Arts & Entertainment Centre

The Public Opinion Afro Orchestra is an Australian group that made their debut at the Melbourne International Jazz Festival, and was brought together by Zvi Belling and Ethan Hill (DJ Manchild) who created this project to explore their passion for the Afro-beat music of Nigeria with a contemporary outlook, and the result is an incredibly energetic and vibrant group of musicians.

13 June 2018
Coverage of the Melbourne International Jazz Festival

Welcome to our coverage of the 2018 Melbourne International Jazz Festival! The annual jazz festival took place from 1 to 10 June this year.   Terri Lyne Carrington and Social Science @ The Jazzlab on 3 June, 9pm reviewed by Stella Dunai KNOWER @ 170 Russell on 5 June, 8pm reviewed by Matilda Pungitore The […]

10 June 2018
Review: KNOWER @ 170 Russell

KNOWER is a duo from LA made up of drummer and producer Louis Cole and vocalist Genevieve Artadi.

8 June 2018
Review: Puffs the Play

There have been some Harry Potter parodies and spinoffs that have become so famous they’ve almost become compulsory viewing for HP fans–the Potter Puppet Pals and A Very Potter Musical series are a couple that come to mind. But Puffs is the first to tell the story of, well, the Puffs, who just happened to be there when that boy with the lightning scar decided to turn up and bring trouble with him.

8 June 2018
Review: Iron & Wine at the Melbourne Recital Centre

Iron & Wine come out into a concert hall filled with pensioners, arts administrators wearing Gorman and people who just really love the Recital Centre. I’m not saying it’s not beautiful, just that my mum and I (sitting in our separate rows) are more used to mud and folk festivals than this. But I guess that’s what you get being one of the biggest folkie, Bible Belt stars in the world—playing twice in one night.

1 June 2018
Interview: Lea DeLaria

Because one, you’re gonna see me. Two, I’m single right now so looking for girls—hey ladies, make a scene. And three, because I don’t think anybody does exactly what I do. It’s a very entertaining, interesting, fun, crazy, wild evening. I don’t think anybody does quite what I do. Buckle up your seat belts. It’s not for the faint at heart. And I will be doing Lea DeLaria screwdrivers, so you may be wanting those too.

28 May 2018
Review: Tully

Jason Reitman’s new film Tully is an extraordinary and sensitive portrayal of the difficulties of motherhood in the modern age.

24 May 2018
Review: Ocean Alley

The entire audience recites the words “It’s all about confidence baby” in response to the warbling guitars and gave the band a deserved rapturous applause, with the song’s ending.

23 May 2018
Review: WILD at the MTC

“We know everything about you,” declares Miss Prism, at one particularly jarring moment. The comment is directed at Andrew, but it is intimately felt by an audience for which such sentiments are frighteningly poignant in our current context. Wild is a thought-provoking reflection on the state of our times, and our departure from the American idealism of Snowden’s actions, a mere five years ago. A gripping, contemporary depiction of privacy and surveillance in the 21st century, MTC’s Wild is not to be missed.

21 May 2018
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