Review: Brian Jonestown Massacre @ The Forum

A distinct sense of unease lingered over the Brian Jonestown Massacre’s Melbourne gig on Thursday night.

29 June 2018
Carrion by Justin Shoulder –Justin Shoulder – Image by Bryony Jackson
Alien in Our Body: Justin Shoulder’s Carrion

Encountering Justin Shoulder’s Carrion—the shape-shifting “cybernetic demigod” with limbs made of decaying bones and hair made of Apple headphones—is deeply arresting.

29 June 2018
Review: Chronic

The world is, at times, a terrifying place. Millennials are changing their names to WTC7. Seemingly middle-aged women are drinking coffees with 17 sugars at local cafés. People are ordering chicken parmigianas with extra cheese.

29 June 2018
Jon (Greg Sestero) and Harvey (Tommy Wiseau) prepare for a gripping journey in Best F(r)iends. Photo courtesy of Greg Sestero.
High Marks: Greg Sestero on Best F(r)iends, The Room, and unexpected stardom

Greg Sestero, author of The Disaster Artist, becomer of Mark in “Oh hai, Mark”, first imagined the plot of his new movie Best F(r)iends while on drugs.

27 June 2018
Review: MUSC’s Plastic Shakespeare

For years, the Melbourne University Shakespeare Company (MUSC) has churned out quasi-experimental theatre as if by obligation to form.

27 June 2018
Review: Autechre

Their live show was a methodological, analytical, scientific and mathematical manipulation of sound palettes to create mosaics.

26 June 2018
Review: 2018 FWF’s Writing Violence, Writing Change

The two-hour session was split into two segments, the first being a discussion led by prompts while the second segment was a Question-And-Answer session. In a room filled with women and non-binary people, it felt like a safe space where everyone was learning from each other and discussing how we can save the world from its horribleness because men cannot behave.

25 June 2018
Review: Search for the Sublime

We huddle in heavy coats, scarves and hats under the clear night sky. Everyone clutches $8 wine in plastic cups as they listen to very good writing being read by Sam Flynn and very good electronic music performed by the Melbourne duo OK EG. The crowd is quiet, faces illuminated dimly, hands tucked into pockets […]

25 June 2018
A Christmas Prince Commentary: Why Did Netflix Make This Film?

I don’t know how to use the Xbox. It shouldn’t be such monumental issue in my life. I should just learn. In December, not knowing changed my life.

21 June 2018
Review: Soul Craft Festival

The inaugural Soul Craft Festival brought together experienced and novice crafters alike from all over the world, for a packed and fun weekend, celebrating craft. This year, it was held at the historic Meat Market located in North Melbourne. The festival had master classes, panel talks, demonstrations, exhibitions, a marketplace, and even workshops! The programme […]

20 June 2018
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