Review: Romeo is Not the Only Fruit

It is a truth universally acknowledged that lesbians do not get a happy ending. At least, that’s how it would seem when regarding the dozens of dead women-loving-women that litter plot-lines throughout history. We never quite make it to the horse and carriage ride into the sunset. And boy, the last few months of politics […]

22 November 2017
Review: Mirror’s Edge

Right from the second I take my seat in the audience, I’m struck foremost by the stage upon which Mirror’s Edge will be performed.

9 August 2017
Review: A Dog Called Monkey

Some of the best works of art make you uncomfortable.

27 June 2017
Interview with the Creatives Behind ‘A Dog Called Monkey’

CONTENT NOTE: DISCUSSION OF SEXUAL ASSAULT When I step inside Tiamo, a popular Italian restaurant on Lygon street, I recognise Venus Notarberardino straight away, from the breathtaking promotional poster for A Dog Called Monkey floating around Facebook. Designed by Dylan Harris, the show’s publicity manager and AV designer, it accompanies a stunning trailer for the upcoming […]

19 June 2017
Interview: Creators of ‘The Days In Between’

CONTENT WARNINGS: trauma, sexual assault.

Madeleine Johnson interviews Sara Laurena [writer], Karla Livingstone-Pardy [director] and Freya McGrath [producer] of Four Letter Word Theatre’s ‘The Days In Between’.

26 April 2017
A Kind of Magic: An Interview with We Will Rock You Actress Erin Clare

Farrago caught up with actress Erin Clare, who’s currently performing one as the rebel bohemian Scaramouche in the Melbourne season of the rock musical We Will Rock You.

6 October 2016
Something Wicked This Way Comes

Chelsea Cucinotta on a modernised Scottish play.

4 October 2016
REVIEW: MTC’s Miss Julie

MTC’s Miss Julie is frustratingly predictable, flittering between a sort of Lydia Bennett and a tedious Ophelia.

4 May 2016
An Interview with Bachelor of Music Graduate Shakira Tsindos

Mezzo-soprano Shakira Tsindos will star as Alisa in Victorian Opera’s presentation of Lucia di Lammermoor.

12 April 2016
Review: Malthouse’s ‘Picnic at Hanging Rock’

Tom Wright’s adaptation is by no means less eerie than the film, particularly thanks to the excellent sound design by J. David Franzke.

16 March 2016