Queer Eye on the Straight Guy: Episode One – Guess Who’s Back?

With a spring in his step, seasoned Bachelor Matty J’s back (back again) after his rather-fucking-brutal dumping by Georgia Love last year. Almost looking like he didn’t have his heart ripped out his chest and tossed off the side of a lush Singaporean rooftop just under a year ago, Australia’s Golden Boy has returned to […]

6 August 2017
Dating Advice From The Bachelor(ette)

Winter is over. It’s time to put away the onesie and venture outside into the dating pool.

4 October 2016
3 out of 5 Nuggets: Fried Review

‘Fried’ is basically just a show about a shitty kid who is pissed at having been friend-zoned by his sexy co-worker.

30 May 2016
10 Best Eurovision Winners

From flash in the pan divas to enduring pop icons, here are the best Eurovision winners.

20 May 2016
Period Drama

Amelia isn’t talking less about her uterus, and more about Downton Abbey.

16 May 2016
Big Ass ‘Daredevil’ Review (Season 2)

As a huge fan of the skull-donning vigilante, I was very excited about the inclusion of the Punisher in this season and can comfortably say my expectations were surpassed.

30 March 2016