Bands & Bevs: Kingswood

Purveyors of Australian rock Kingswood are the latest act set to dazzle students as part of the University of Melbourne Student Union’s band and bevs series. Fresh off the back of an extensive tour in support of their sophomore album After Hours, Close to Dawn, Kingswood will be gracing the stage at North Court outside […]

12 March 2018
Adventures In Student Cooking: Getting Mugged

The Chef — Really can’t cook, but tries hard — Would have already died in apocalyptic scenario — Good at picking My Kitchen Rules winners — Irrationally dislikes onion The Setup — One small fridge with freezer compartment — Three gas stove burners (one is broken) — One microwave that burns the outside of frozen meals while failing to defrost the center Confession: […]

6 March 2018
Band & Bevs: BABBA

ABBA was the Swedish pop foursome that enchanted the world and changed the music game forever. BABBA are the Australian tribute group that recreate that magic for a generation for whom the songs of ABBA still hold a strong place in our hearts and playlists.

5 March 2018
'Awards' by Sharon Huang Liang
Live from Hollywood

Daniel Beratis asks why we subject ourselves to Awards Season™

4 March 2018