PTV Woes

When I landed in Melbourne some ten months ago, a grass-green philistine whose closet contained nary a single tote bag, I did so with high expectations. Among these expectations was that this first-world metropolis would come equipped with a functional, if not flawless, public transport system. 

23 March 2020
Not a teenager, not an adult

Then it hits me: is this how my twenties are supposed to be? A cycle of day drinking before marching through the doors of the Royal Exhibition Building every exam season? I cannot drive. I cannot cook. I have never touched a water bill in my life. Surely this is not how my parents envisioned my adulthood when traversing seas for a better life. 

23 March 2020
Quiet Entitlement: The Problem with Mum and Dad Investors

Australians need to change the way we view buying a house. Since the Menzies era, owning your own home has been integral to the Australian dream. A right afforded to those who worked hard and paid their taxes. Good citizens.

23 March 2020
Vive la Révolution

Despite criticism from federal and state governments, there exists a long and varied history of violence in political protest. Yet, this history is often obscured.

23 March 2020
Battle of the Animation Studios: Disney vs DreamWorks

Animated films are an integral part of the movie industry, regularly topping the box office and working as a reflection of society. Almost everyone has a soft spot for animated movies, regardless of age. Being lost in a child’s world allows adult worries to disappear, if only for a moment. 

23 March 2020
Barbara Strozzi

Welcome to Canon in She, a column all about women composers, their fascinating lives and brilliant music.

3 March 2020
Menstrual Cups: Yay or Nay

Menstrual cups, the lesser-known alternative to managing periods have recently come to the spotlight as climate crisis is becoming more evident, and public participation to the matter is resulting in positive and effective turns (ngl, we woke).

3 March 2020
Tooti Fruity

The correct way to break a rambutan open is to use a knife. I call that the coward’s way. If you’re a lawless rebel like me, you bite into it whole, cringing at the sudden bitterness the break in the skin fills your mouth with, then use your teeth to rip the rest of it away.

12 December 2019
Diaspora Dilemmas

In an age where we can barely last the year without
buying a new smartphone and throw ageing possessions before they have a chance to decay, it’s puzzling why we still refuse to throw away the remnants of the toxic colonial mindset.

12 December 2019
All that Glitters is not Gold

While it is a privilege to be able to afford an education abroad, many unspoken costs like underpaid wages, homesickness, cultural shock, financial instability and underemployment came as a surprise. But as an international student, I’m not sure if these costs are worth the price our parents pay.

12 December 2019
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