Why The Planet Needs You To Get Rowdy

Katie Doherty on our political obligation to be rude

8 August 2018
The Germans Called It Auschwitz

There is a village in Poland with a blue steepled church. It has a cobbled square surrounded by pastel buildings, with wrought iron lamp posts. There is a small café patronised solely by old men with greying moustaches and suspicious demeanours, and the busiest place is the Lidl just outside of the town centre. In the dead of winter, late January, it’s about zero degrees celsius on average. It’s so quiet it can’t be described as sleepy; more like comatose. They call it Oświęcim, but the Germans called it Auschwitz.

8 August 2018
Fair Enough? The Desire for Lighter Skin

For more than 40 years, Curry Corner, a tiny store in Melbourne’s CBD that specialises in Indian imports, has been selling spices and lentils. But what catches the eye almost instantly is the large collection of skin-whitening products in the front right corner of the shop. From a skin bleaching cream for “instant golden glow” by Fem to a whitening cream called “Fair & Lovely”, there is a chemical formula available for every part of the body. Yes, even the privates.

8 August 2018
Less is More is Less

I am a hoarder. On the cluttered shelves above my desk, among stacks of loose paper and magazines, miscellaneous trinkets and nametags, I have a mason jar filled with twelve tubes of rainbow glitter from a dollar store in Brunswick.

8 August 2018
To Be Real

Bhenji Ra stands on stage in a bright red bikini, with gold-sequined flames stretching around her hips and across her chest. A pair of red boots lace up to her knees, as she flicks a red fan in front of her face. She has been dancing—dipping and spinning along the runway—but now is still.

8 August 2018
I Love Frankie Cosmos

I was floating down the streets of Paris at 40 kilometres per second, my arms straining against his denim jacket, laundry powder and cigarette smoke and joyful fear. A thousand indie rock songs spinning in my ears. Like a dream from a movie where I couldn’t belong. I was in Paris in summer, and I was having the time of my life. He had curly hair and converses and he was Into Music.

8 August 2018
Making the Cut

You first notice the smell halfway up the third flight of stairs in the Medical Building.

8 August 2018
For & Against: The Gig Economy

  IMAGE by David Zeleznikow-Johnston FOR by Andie Moore The gig economy has become the new piñata of regulators and unionists alike. I am not going to pretend it works for everyone or for every profession. However, it is indisputable that gig work suits some people, particularly those least likely to get work. Here is […]

28 May 2018

Ever heard of cheese nightmares? Nup? Well, count yourself lucky.

28 May 2018
Overpopulation: Other People’s Problem

Katie Doherty looks at overpopulation

28 May 2018
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