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James Whitmore and Other Animals: Sacculina

A rhizocephalan doesn’t really have a common name. Perhaps that’s because it doesn’t look like much. But this spineless invertebrate spins a tale of high romance, of commitment and sacrifice, and an intimacy of the closest kind. The scientific name of this Hugh Grant of the animal kingdom is Sacculina, a slightly unappealing title but […]

Of Quarks and Bosons

“We’re all just protons, neutrons, electrons that rest on a Sunday, work on a Monday,” or so The Cat Empire tells us. Yet the truth is always more complicated, as revealed on 4 July this year when the Higgs boson discovery was announced at the International Conference on High Energy Physics in Melbourne. Yes, we […]

Spy-Fi: Wireless Intrigue

The students took their seats and got ready for their electrical engineering lecture. As the ruckus settled, the lecturer stood up and began to drone. All went as planned for the first fifteen minutes. Then the PowerPoint went black. Words began to appear on the screen, as if typed. They read: “Fuck this. I’m going […]