Review: Sugar Republic

Hidden away on the sixth floor of Myer in Bourke Street is Sugar Republic, a colourful and exuberant interactive pop-up art installation about all things sugar.

22 February 2019
Photography Team Showcase

This campus-y photo series is brought to you by Farrago’s new photography team. Each photo captures a little bit of uni life, and since we are off to a long break, we thought it would be perfect to say goodbye with photos.

22 October 2018

Tastings, the biennial showcase of original works by University of Melbourne students, will be held 22–25 August in the Guild Theatre. With over a decade of history, Tastings is developed and run by the University of Melbourne Student Union’s (UMSU) creative arts department.

14 August 2018
To Be Real

Bhenji Ra stands on stage in a bright red bikini, with gold-sequined flames stretching around her hips and across her chest. A pair of red boots lace up to her knees, as she flicks a red fan in front of her face. She has been dancing—dipping and spinning along the runway—but now is still.

8 August 2018
Carrion by Justin Shoulder –Justin Shoulder – Image by Bryony Jackson
Alien in Our Body: Justin Shoulder’s Carrion

Encountering Justin Shoulder’s Carrion—the shape-shifting “cybernetic demigod” with limbs made of decaying bones and hair made of Apple headphones—is deeply arresting.

29 June 2018
Archie Barry by Ayonti
The Razor’s Edge

Luke Macaronas talks to interdisciplinary artist Archie Barry about queer performance in a binary landscape

19 April 2018
Ash Flanders by Ayonti Mahreen Huq
Barely Held Together

Luke Macaronas on Ash Flanders’ slippery theatre

23 February 2018
Grey Matters

Listen to Liz read ‘Grey Matters’ I vividly remember the first time I saw Piss Christ. If you’re not familiar with it, it’s an artwork by Andres Serrano, formally titled Immersion (Piss Christ) and consists of a photograph of a crucifix immersed in a deep yellow liquid. It’s a confronting image, not only because of its […]

15 October 2017
Review: Documenta 14

“DEAR DOCUMENTA 14: IT MUST BE NICE TO CRITIQUE CAPITALISM ETC. WITH A 38 MILLION EURO BUDGET.” This is the note I find stuck to a hand dryer in the bathrooms of the Documenta Halle as I meander around Kassel for this year’s incarnation of the contemporary art mega-show Documenta. It is not an official […]

30 July 2017
Interview: Roger Sims from The Torch program

In 2015, there were an estimated 36,134 prisoners in Australian prisons. Of those 36,134, Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander prisoners accounted for just over a quarter (27 per cent) of the prisoner population.

18 July 2017
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